NEMESIANUS, a Roman poet who flourished about 283 B.C. His full name was Marcus Aurelius Nemesianus Olympius, and he is called a Carthaginian. He was an admired and popular poet at the court of the Roman emperor Carus. He wrote poems on the arts of fishing and hunting, but only a fragment of the latter, 325 hexameter lines, has been preserved. It is neatly expressed in good Latin. Some other extant fragments are ascribed without good authority to this poet.

Editio princeps, Venice, 1534. The Cynegetica of Gratius Faliscus and Nemesianus are united in the edition of R. Stern (Halle, 1832), and are added to M. IIaupt's edition of Ovid's Halieutiea (Leipsic, 1838).

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