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APOLLONIUS, surnamed Moro, a distinguished Greek His treatise on the Conic Sections gained him the title of rhetorician, the instructor of Czesar and of Cicero. Born The Great Geometer, and is that by which his fame has been at Alabanda, he settled at Rhodes, and in the dictatorship of transmitted to modern times. It is not, indeed, to be for a Sulla, was sent as ambassador from the Rhodians to Rome. moment supposed that Apollonius discovered all, or even He was the first Greek who addressed the senate without the greater part, of the demonstrations which he gives, any the aid of an interpreter. Cicero renewed his studies under more than that Euclid devised the propositions that go by him when he afterwards visited Rhodes on his return from his name. Pappus mentions several treatises on conics Asia. The works of Apollonius have perished. - Another known to have existed previously - in particular the five rhetorician of the same name, likewise a native of Alabanda, books of Aristieus "The Ancient " (350 n.c.) on Solid Loci ; and an inhabitant of Rhodes, was surnamed The Effem- and there can be little doubt that Apollonius availed himself inate MaAam.;s). Both are mentioned by Cicero with of these, as well as of the discoveries of Conon, Euclid, high respect. - Cicero, Brutus, 89, 90, 91 ; De Inv. i. 56 ; Eudoxus, Menechmus, Nicoteles, Thrasidus, and others, De Orat. i. 17, 28 ; Quintil. iii. 1, § 16 ; xii. 6, § 7, &c. who had explored the way before him. At this distance of

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