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SANMICHELE, MichELE (1484-1559), one of the ablest architects of his time, learnt the elements of his profession from his father Giovanni and his uncle Bartolommeo, who both practised as architects at Verona with much success. Like almost all the enthusiastic students of that time he went at an early age to Rome to study classic sculpture and architecture. His great talents soon became known, and he designed and carried out a very large number of works at Verona, Venice, and other places. Among his earliest are the duomo of Montefiascone (an octagonal building surmounted with a cupola), the church of San Domenico at Orvieto, and several palaces at both places. He also executed a fine tomb in S. Domenico.' He was no less distinguished as a military architect, and was much employed by the signoria of Venice, not only at home, but also in strengthening the fortifications of Corfu, Cyprus, and Candia.2 One of Sanmichele's most graceful designs is the Cappella de' Peregrini in the church of S. Bernardino at Verona - square outside and circular within, of the Corinthian order.3 He built a great number of fine palaces at Verona, five of which still exist, as well as the graceful Ponte Nuovo. His last work, begun in 1559, was the round church of the Madonna di Campagna, a mile and a half from Verona on the road to Venice. Like most other distinguished architects of his time he wrote a work on classic architecture, Li Cinque Ordini dell' Areltitettura, printed at Verona in 1735. Sanmichele to some extent followed the earlier style of Brunelleschi; his work is always refined and his detail delicate. His chief pupil was his nephew Bernardino.

See Ronzani and Luciolli, Fabbriche . di M. Sammiehele, Venice, 1832 ; and Selva, Elogio di Sanmichele, Rome, 1814. SAN MIGUEL (S. SALVADOR), or ST MICHAEL'S. See

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