SEMLIN (Hung. Zimony ; Servian, Semun), a town of Austria-Hungary, the easternmost in the Military Frontier district, stands on the south bank of the Danube, on a tongue of land between that river and the Save. It is the. see of a Greek archbishop, has a real school of lower gmde, five Roman Catholic and two Greek churches, a synagogue, a theatre, and a custom-house. The population (10,046) consists mostly of Servians, with a few Germans, Greeks, Illyrians, Croats, Gipsies, and Jews. Semlin has recently undergone improvement in its streets and build-ings ; but its suburb Franzenthal near the Danube consists mostly of mud huts thatched with reeds. The town is surrounded by a stockade. On the top of Zigeunerberg are the remains of the castle of John Hunyadi, who died here in 1456. Semlin has a considerable trade, sending woollen cloth, porcelain, and glass to Turkey, and obtain-ing in return yarn, leather, skins, honey, and meerschaum pipes. It is a principal quarantine station for travellers from Turkey. Steam ferry boats cross to Belgrade several times a day, and larger vessels run up the Save as far as to Sissek.

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