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Maximinus, Galerius Valerius


MAXIMINUS, GALERIUS VALERIUS, Roman emperor from 303 to 314, was originally an Illyrian shepherd, and bore the name of Daza. His mother was a sister of him who afterwards became the emperor Galerius. He rose to high distinction after he had joined the army, and in 305 he was raised by his uncle to the rank of Caesar, with the honorary appellation of Jovius, Syria and Egypt being the government assigned to him. In 308, after the elevation of Licinius, he insisted on receiving the title of Augustus ; on the death of Galerius in 311 he succeeded to the supreme command of the provinces of Asia, and, when Licinius and Constantine began to make common cause with one another, Maximin entered into a secret alliance with Maxentius. He came to an open rupture with Licinius in 313, sustained a crushing defeat in the neighbourhood of Heraclea on April 30th, and, having fled with extraordinary celerity first to Nicomedia and afterwards to Tarsus, perished at the latter city in August following. His death was variously ascribed " to despair, to poison, and to the Divine justice." Maximin, in every respect a worthless character, has a bad eminence in the annals of the Christian church as having renewed persecution after the publication of the toleration edict of Galerius.

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