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Latreille, Pierre


LATREILLE, PIERRE-ANDEt (1762-1833), French naturalist, was born in humble circumstances at Brives-laGaillarde, now in the department of Correze, France, on November 29, 1762. His abilities attracted the attention of the Baron d'Espagnac, who in 1778 placed him at the College Lemoine at Paris, where the Abbe Haiiy was at that time a teacher. Having chosen the ecclesiastical career, he was admitted to priestly orders in 1786, and in the same year retired to Brives, devoting all the leisure which the discharge of his professional duties allowed to the study of entomology. In 1788 he returned to Paris and found means of making himself known to the leading naturalists there, - Fabricius, Olivier, Bose, Lamarck ; his first important contribution to his special science, a " Memoire sur les Mutilles decouvertes en France," contributed to the Proceedings of the Society of Natural History in Paris, procured for him the honour of admission to that body, and of being made a corresponding member of the Linnean Society of London. At the Revolution he was compelled to quit Paris, and as a priest of conservative sympathies suffered considerable hardship ; he lay for some time in prison at Bordeaux, and gained his liberty at last only through the intervention of the naturalists Bony de Saint-Vincent and Dargelas. His Precis des Caracteres generilues des i-nsectes, disposes clans nn ordre naturel, appeared at Brives in 1796. In 1798 he became a corresponding member of the Institute, and at the same time was entrusted with the task of arranging the entomological collection at the recently organized "Museum d'Ihistoire Naturelle " (Jardin des Plantes); in 1S14 he succeeded Olivier as member of the Academie des Sciences, and in

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