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Coen, Jan Pieterszoon


COEN, JAN PIETERSZOON (1587-1630), the founder of Batavia, was born at Ifoorn, and was sent when a youth to Rome to be instructed in the principles of commerce. In 1607 he went to India, but returned some four years afterwards, and in 1612 was sent out a second time, with the command of two ships. He acquitted himself so well of his commission, and made himself so remarkable by the brilliance and success of his practice of commerce, that in 1613 he was named director-general of the Indian trade. In 1617 he was made president at Bantam ; and in 1619, having taken and destroyed Jacatra, he founded on its ruins the city of Batavia, which he forthwith proclaimed the capital of the Dutch East Indies. In 1622 Coen revisited Europe, but five years afterwards he returned to Java. In 1629 the Javanese emperor attempted to dislodge the interlopers, and laid siege to Batavia ; but Coen beat off all his attacks. He died the following year.

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