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The State of the Environment—An Overview - Environmental Education

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Lacking Basic Knowledge

In May 2001 the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation, a private nonprofit organization, published the results of its latest annual study of American adults' knowledge of environmental issues. The study, conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide in 2000, found that Americans supported environmental protection but were generally ignorant on the leading causes of pollution, energy sources, and the hazards in some household products.

The study found that only 32 percent of respondents received a passing grade when given 12 multiple choice questions on current environmental topics. Comparison of the answers with those given in 1997 indicated that Americans seemed more knowledgeable about the source of water pollution, but were less knowledgeable about the largest source of carbon monoxide and the function of ozone. However, their attitudes about environmental education were almost unanimous in that 95 percent supported environmental education being taught in grades K–12. Environmental education for adults was also strongly supported with 86 percent of respondents agreeing that government agencies should support programs that educate adults about the environment.

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