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Air Quality - Public Opinion About Air Pollution

concern percent environmental expressed

Every year the Gallup Organization conducts a poll on the environment around the time of the nation's celebration of Earth Day. In the March 2004 poll, participants were asked about their level of concern related to particular environmental problems. Table 5.9 shows that 39 percent of those asked expressed a great deal of concern about air pollution, compared to 30 percent who expressed a fair amount of concern. Another 23 percent indicated a little concern, and 8 percent expressed no concern.

The percentage of poll respondents indicating a great deal of concern about air pollution has dropped dramatically in recent years from a high of 63 percent in 1989. In a poll conducted in 2003, Gallup asked people their opinion about some specific environmental proposals to help the nation's energy situation. The results are shown in Figure 5.27. The poll indicated that people strongly favor tougher enforcement of environmental regulations and higher emissions standards for automobiles and business and industry sources.

Public opinion about various environmental options, March 2003

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