Explosives - Types Of Explosive Devices

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There are many different types of explosive devices. They can be as small as a grenade or large enough to fill the back of a moving van. Most explosives can be divided into the following groups.

  • Pipe bombs As the name suggests, these devices consist of explosive material stuffed into a pipe of metal or plastic. Pipe bombs can be set off via remote control or with a timer. They are very easy to manufacture.
  • Vehicle bombs A large version of the pipe bomb. A car or truck is packed with explosives and detonated. Vehicle bombs are intended to cause as much destruction as possible.
  • Letter and package bombs These are bombs concealed in letters or parcels that often explode when opened. The most notorious instance of letter bombing in the United States was undertaken by Ted Kaczynski (known as the Unabomber). His efforts killed three people and injured twenty-nine, over a seventeen-year period.
  • Unconventional bombs These devices can take many forms, from a bomb detonated by a suicide bomber, to the attacks of September 11, 2001, in which aircrafts were hijacked and used as bombs themselves. Dirty bombs also fall into this category.

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