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surgical technician jobs

A surgical technologist (also commonly referred to as a surgical technician) plays an important role in the operating room (OR). Assisting the surgical team in various ways, such as preparing and passing surgical instruments without hesitation, a surgical technologist must thrive under pressure. He must remain alert at all times.

Most surgical technologists work in hospitals, but some work in private medical offices that perform outpatient procedures. Surgical technologists usually work under the direction of a doctor of registered nurse. The surgical technician is well versed in medical terminology and operating room sterilization practices. Since some surgical procedures can last several hours, it is often necessary to stand for long periods of time.

Part of the responsibility of a surgical technician is to ensure proper sanitary practices in the operating room (OR). Surgical technicians ensure medical equipment is sterilized. They assist physicians as they enter the sterile environment of the OR. Cleanliness is paramount to the safety of the patient.

Surgical technicians will often prepare the patient for surgery by cleaning or shaving the area where the procedure will be performed. During surgical procedures, it is not uncommon for a surgical technologist to assist the surgeon with suturing and wound dressing applications. The surgical technologist may assist in the preparation of medications. Preparing specimens for laboratory examinations and recording important information during a procedure may also be part of the job requirement. Accuracy is crucial.

During procedures, a surgical technologist acts as a second pair of hands for the surgeon. At the conclusion of procedures, they will frequently transport the patient to the Recovery Room. They are then responsible for properly disposing of surgical waste and preparing the OR for the next procedure.

Schooling for surgical technicians usually takes a minimum of nine months to complete, but it can take longer. Depending on the school and the type of certification the student wishes to obtain, certification can take up to two years to earn. In addition to CPR training and certification, a combination of classroom study and clinical lab time constitutes the eduction program from an accredited surgical technology program.

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