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Direct mail is one of the most visible and recognized forms of advertising in the United States. Everyone who receives mail either at home or at work has seen plenty of it. So much so, that it often gets thrown in the trash without even a second glance. Every now and then, however, a piece of direct mail will catch your eye, make you think twice, and actually pursue the item or service being offered. That is the work of someone successful in direct mail jobs.

A direct mail job is not usually someone’s first choice for work. Almost no one goes to college with the thought of becoming involved in direct mail marketing. After several years of work experience, though, the industry becomes recognizable and the sheer size and scope of it appears to always have room for one more.

Direct mail jobs are more than just flyer distribution. Several people with different specialty careers are involved in the creation and distribution of direct mail, from designers to account managers. For this reason, almost everyone with some office-related work experience is qualified for a direct mail position in some form or another.

Direct mail sales jobs are available in many regions across the U.S. In a sales position, a person is responsible bringing in new advertisers by showing them what a direct mail campaign can do for their company. This type of job is well-suited to friendly, personable individuals who can explain ideas well through voice and variety of other media. A salesperson must also be presentable, polite, and persuasive. Someone who makes good first impressions is a prime candidate for this job.

A different set of skills is needed for a direct mail account manager. An account manager has to be a master of organization and prioritizing. In addition, the account manager must be knowledgeable not only about direct mail, but about the entire marketing world. They must be prepared to handle all of a client’s questions, requests, and demands. It is the salesperson’s job to bring in the client. It is the account manager’s job to keep them a client.

Designers require an entirely different set of skills than anyone else working in a direct mail job. Designers must have an artistic flair and know what catches a person’s eye. Another related job in direct mail is the copywriter. A copywriter is responsible for the words on the advertisement. They must know all the catch phrases and keywords that have been proven successful in advertising.

Anyone who enters a direct mail job would do themselves a service to learn exactly what it takes to implement and maintain an effective ad campaign. Research on the internet or a library can be key to rising quickly in the company. New hires are generally not put in charge of a job themselves right from the get go, but impressing the boss with knowledge and fast learning will get a person far in a short period.

Direct mail jobs are some of the most challenging in the marketing industry. This is because direct mail works cold. Other advertisers have a target audience that they aim towards. Direct mail uses sheer numbers to help drive in business. Direct mail has to be many things all at once: useful, appealing, informative, and catchy. As a business using direct mail becomes more defined, the direct mail campaign can become more refined. When a business has acquired a number of customers they will be able to provide the direct mail advertiser with customer lists targeting specific past purchases, areas of residence, or any other category on which they have gathered information. In many cases, it is the direct mailer’s job to let clients know what they can be doing to improve their mailing.

While direct mail may not be a suitable business for everyone, it is not going away anytime soon. There is still room for many more who are interested in direct mail jobs.

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