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Medical Billing At Home - Medical billing at home: Start a new career in the healtchare industry

at home medical billing

Medical coding is done by professional coders who assign codes to patient diagnosis and treatments. They also give codes to supplies used for patients and to services done by physicians which do not fit in standard care parameters. Medical billing is the use of codes on claim forms that will be sent to insurance companies for reimbursement of medical services provided. Medical coding and billing are meshed together, in that the coding is used in the billing and insurance reimbursement procedures. Codes are essentially five digit numbers that identify particular diagnoses, procedures, and supplies provided to the patient. Some codes also are used to identify treatments that physicians give on an ongoing basis to chronically ill patients. Other codes, called temporary codes, identify treatments or supplies that are so new that existing codes do not address them. Such things as innovative treatments for diabetes, prostate cancer, and the like may be identified by such temporary codes.

The medical field is ripe with opportunities now and for some years to come. Since the federal government has formulated a national health care plan and health care is in intensive focus now, the career potentials for medical billing at home are strong. Patient records and billing are beginning to be issues of importance. A unified data sharing system is being developed that will allow physician access to all a patient’s records no matter where they may be. The same type of efficiency is the goal in medical billing and coding. Under the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”, the personal health insurance information of patients is protected, and people who do at home medical billing are obliged to protect sensitive information and diagnosis codes. Medical billing can be learned through classes or through on the job training. Generally, companies prefer that a person get certification through completing required coursework in medical billing programs. After certification, a person can work for awhile at a healthcare facility before striking out on her own to start an at home medical billing business. Certification courses can be completed either in regular class attendance or online. Most programs include anatomy instruction, medical terminology, and basic accounting in addition to coding and billing instruction. Successfully passing the American Health Information Management Associations’s exam or the equivalent is a prerequisite to becoming certified as a biller / coder. (Other organizations such as the National Health Careers Association or the American Academy of Professional Coders also offer certification by examination).

The steps to building a medical billing at home business are straightforward. . The training and certification can take less than a year. In fact, there are medical billing boot camps that last one week, at a cost of around $1600, that can prepare a person to start doing medical billing at home. After training and certification, a medical billing at home business must have the billing software that makes it possible. There are a number of programs that can be purchased to upload on your computer or used via the web. BuyerZone identified five that are efficient, easy to use and affordable. The five are: LeonardoMD, AdvancedMD, NueMd, HealthFusion, and Visionary Medical Systems. A sixth program, SpeedECoder, is used in teaching students how to do billing, but may be used in the business also. In addition to the software, the computer used for an at home medical billing service must have high speed internet access and a hard drive that is high capacity with sufficient memory to handle the amount of data that will be processed and transmitted online.

The at home medical billing service owner must keep accurate records and accounting practices must be very good. It is important to keep receipts for any business costs such as supplies, equipment, and services done, in order to deduct them on the yearly tax report. Doing medical billing at home can be a savings in several important ways: the cost of transportation is much less, since there is no need to drive to the place of employment (all you have to do is change from your pajamas to your day wear); also, the cost of clothing and lunches out is much less (with no one around to impress or to go to lunch with, you can make a sandwich or soup right in your own kitchen).

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