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The government of Australia’s populous state of New South Wales (NSW) offers an array of lucrative career opportunities in service to the government. Careers are offered for college graduates, apprentices and cadets, skilled craftsmen, as well as well as individuals with no work experience. NSW is committed to developing a diverse and skilled workforce through equal opportunity hiring practices. Popular fields in which positions are offered include administrative positions, animal care, aviation, healthcare, construction and architecture, education, as well as law enforcement and emergency services.

Administrative positions offered by NSW include lucrative positions as managers of emergency services facilities, urban planners, as well as positions within law enforcement and government utilities supervisors. Positions in this field are almost exclusively full-time and are likely to require college degree.

Positions in animal care are coupled with those focused on preservation of the environment as well as parks and recreational facilities. Opportunities include working in a veterinary office as either a veterinarian or assistant and various positions within the parks and recreation field. These jobs only require specialized education for a few of the positions and there are part-time and full-time positions.

NSW jobs are offered for individuals who either have training in an aviation related field or are interested in learning. Careers in aviation very often require specialized training and include positions as pilots, co-pilots, aviation engineers, and airport employees. Part-time and full-time positions are available.

Healthcare careers in NSW are similar to those offered in other states and nations. The majority of the positions are offered in hospitals or clinics. The educational and training requirements for this field cover a very broad range; one end of the spectrum there are doctors who spend a number of years in education and training each, while there janitorial and assistant to medical professionals with very brief training backgrounds.

The NSW government offers several positions in construction and architecture. These positions range from the architect to manual laborers. The educational requirements for this field are very diverse, architects nearly always hold college degrees, but there are many opportunities in construction that require no previous education or training. Most jobs in construction and architecture require full-time work but there are many part-time options as well.

Educational careers in NSW are offered both in and out of the school buildings. Within the schools there are positions as teachers, teacher’s aides, as well as administrative officials. Positions outside of the school include jobs as vocational instructors, educational corrections officers, and tutors. Positions are also offered by NSW’s eleven universities including the University of Sydney. Careers in education often require college degrees and these positions are rarely available with less than a full-time requirement.

Law enforcement and emergency services positions with the government of NSW include careers with the police force, fire service, and ambulance service. Positions within each field require very unique and specialized training, although this training will be moderately brief in term. The vast majority of jobs in this field require a full-time commitment.

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