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Renewable Energy - Domestic Renewable Energy Usage

btu quadrillion power provided

Renewable energy contributes only a small portion of the nation's energy supply. In 2003 the United States consumed approximately 6.2 quadrillion Btu of renewable energy, about 6% of the nation's total energy consumption. (See Table 6.1.) Biomass sources (wood, waste, and alcohol) contributed 2.9 quadrillion Btu, while hydroelectric power provided 2.8 quadrillion Btu. Together, biomass and hydroelectric power provided 92% of renewable energy in 2003, or around 6% of all energy as shown in Figure 6.1. Geothermal energy was the third largest source, with about 0.3 quadrillion Btu. Solar power contributed 0.06 quadrillion Btu, and wind provided 0.1 quadrillion Btu.

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