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Supply and Demand: Who Offers Gambling? Who Gambles? - Supply—gambling Opportunities And Opportunists, Demand—the Gamblers

business popular drives americans

Like any business in a capitalist society, the gambling industry is driven by the principles of supply and demand. Gambling proponents say that demand drives supply. In other words, the industry grows and spreads into new markets because the public is eager to gamble. Illegal gambling has always flourished, and opinion polls show that most Americans favor legal gambling opportunities—particularly lotteries and casinos. Gambling is one of the most popular leisure activities in the country.

Gambling opponents say that supply drives demand. They argue that people would not be tempted to gamble or to gamble as often if opportunities were not so prevalent and widespread. They see gambling as an irresistible temptation with potentially dangerous consequences. It bothers them that gambling opportunities are presented, promoted, and supported not only by the business world but also by government leaders and politicians—people who are supposed to represent the best interests of the public they serve.

Whatever the driving reason, gambling has become a big business and a popular pastime for many Americans.

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