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After a crime has been committed, the justice system of the United States goes into action. The system has three major components that work together:

  • Law enforcement agencies gather evidence and capture suspected perpetrators.
  • The judicial system tries perpetrators in a court of law and, if they are found guilty, sentences them to a period of incarceration or some other form of punishment, restitution, and/or treatment.
  • Correction agencies house convicted criminals in prisons, jails, treatment centers, or other places of confinement.


A Gallup Poll found that although a majority of Americans still favored the death penalty in 2001, the percentage of those supporting the death penalty was 67 percent, down from a high of 75 percent in 1997. In 2003 a Gallup Poll found that 60 percent believed the death penalty was applied fairly, with 65 percent of whites stating this view as compared to 26 percent of blacks. (See Table 9.15.)

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