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The Causes of Wife Abuse - Who Is Abused?, Who Are The Offenders?, A Question Of Power, Psychological Explanations Of Abuse

Although researchers have studied wife abuse for about thirty years, scholars from different intellectual traditions often disagree on its origins and the actions required to prevent and address the problem. Sociologists and anthropologists interpret data differently from economists and political scientists. Psychologists and other therapists perceive different facets of the problem, as do social service and shelter workers. Abused women have their own perspectives on the problem.

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almost 10 years ago

I think it odd that it takes Ph.d's to tell us what wives go through with abusive husbands! Why won't experts listen to the wives? Oh, because we are still in a sexist world? I know that there are lying, deceiving "witches" in the world.

Most girls/women have this "knight in shining armour" dream! A man that will open her door, thank her for the mundain household chores and cooking-I've heard a good wife/mom is worth $300,000.00 per yr., unless you can get illegals!!

Why do men act so controlling? Their own mothers, obviously! Psychologists know about mother/son, mother/daughter relationships, as well as, father/son, father/daughter relationships, but no one can agree on any of it! I just saw on the History channel the Borgia family, now there's a winner of a "Daddy"! No one wants to touch the "Christian" concept, which clearly expects the man to treat his wife as Jesus Christ treats "the church". The scholars, the Ph.Ds don't want to touch the Christian Beliefs, because that clearly puts the man in the "hot seat!" A cheating wife is clearly a cheating wife and let's face it we are the ones the succumbed to the "snake" it is all our fault that we all fell from grace! I disagree! How about spoiled, rotten brat men that think only of themslves before their own children and wives? And it should not be in that order! I have done my research questioning why, why I have such a disloyal, selfish PIG of a husband? Because, he was the 1st born boy in 3 generations; he had granny, grandma and mama spoil him, believe his lies and it all worked, until me! My own sons tell me I've been a good mother and yet, I cry every day because I'm treated like some slave laborer!

I'm a woman that did 13 years Health Care, switched to Heavy Equipment Operating and the stories I could tell in that one aspect of my life. There are also differences with women who have sisters vs those who had only brothers; the feelings, emotions and the expectations. Add to that a father who was DAV, Purple Heart, saw massive; 300+ killings of fellow USA men, come talk to me! None of this makes ahill of beans to male law enforcers, nor the courts! Women are to wait for death for GOD's retribution on their own husbands? Why would we pronounce you, "Man and wife?" Obviously, "Husband and Wife" is the correct pronounceation!

"We've come along way, Baby!" is so false it is pathetic, and that was a good 30 years, ago! These men that don't know how to parent correctly, these police that clean their service revolvers while in a heated "discussion" with their wives, these cheatin' politicians is JUST THE TIP OF THE ICE BERG OF WIFE ABUSE!