Poverty in Underdeveloped Countries—The Poorest of the Poor - The United Nations' List Of Least Developed Countries, Africa: The Poorest Continent, The Poor In Africa

Underdeveloped countries are at the very bottom of the global economy, with widespread extreme poverty and dire living conditions. They usually have little or no infrastructure or reliable health care and other social services. Many have experienced long-term political unrest in the form of civil war or armed conflict with other nations, or have been subject to unstable governments, dictatorships, and/or corruption. In addition, they may frequently suffer environmental events and natural disasters that cause famine, destruction, and displacement of large segments of their populations.

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almost 9 years ago

ooooh guise this is scary....ill give you my cheezburgers

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over 9 years ago

so what does the UN say about this high rate and new emerging underdeveloped countries?

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over 7 years ago

its so sad to knew this but what is the procedure to eleminate this poverty

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