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The computer industry is growing faster and faster every day, and so is the number of PC technician jobs that are available. So exactly what does a computer tech do? The jobs vary, depending on what kind of position it is, but the basics are still the same: fix someone’s computer.

Overview of computer technician jobs

In general, PC techs are the ones who come running whenever a computer breaks down. They also handling upgrading computers so they are always up to date with the latest software workers need to complete their tasts. Many computer technicians also fix and upgrade other computer-related devices like scanners and printers. Basically, a PC technician is the one who makes sure the computer hardware is working properly, although he does delve into software problems on a very basic level.

Types of jobs for PC technicians

Most businesses have at least one computer person who handles all the fixing and upgrading for the company computers, but firms that deal with technology tend to have a lot of different kinds of computer techs. For example, a help desk computer tech usually works in a call center and tries to help people fix their computers over the phone. Many of the problems handled by a help desk tech are very basic in nature. On the other hand, a network technician focuses on computer networks and remote services. This is an example of a more specialized kind of PC tech. Another example of a specialized tech position is a Learning Technologist, which focuses on online learning.

Pay scale for PC tech jobs

Computer technicians tend to get paid between $15 and $20 an hour. According to, the hourly rate rage falls between $13.25 per hour and $20.75 per hour. Experienced technicians can even earn up to $30 or $40 per hour. Some computer techs have the option to earn a bonus somewhere between $450 and $2,100, and they often work overtime and have access to profit sharing. As far as a salary goes, all of these numbers add up to computer techs earning between $31,000 and $48,000 per year, depending on the amount of experience they have, the company they’re working for, and the cost of living in their area.

Required education

The amount of education required for computer technicians varies from a high school degree, all the way up to a Master’s Degree, although the majority of computer positions require at least a Bachelor’s of Science Degree. In general, positions that can be filled by high school graduates are low paying, often close to minimum wage.

Opportunities for advancement

As the computer industry continues to expand, so do the possibilities for advancement in PC technician jobs. Management positions are often give to employees with years of experience, and students working on Bachelor’s Degrees may choose to become hardware engineers if they tailor their coursework in that direction.

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