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In today’s world, software is integrated into virtually every facet of our lives. Computers are employed for multitudes of different functions in both personal and professional duties. Of course, the proper and effective software needs to be utilized to perform such duties. While there are the occasional ‘dud’ software programs that do make it to the market, most software programs do deliver on their expectations. While most will point to the designer as the professional that made such a helpful item available to the public, the designer alone is not the only individual responsible for the program’s success. No, the quality assurance personnel staff also plays a vital role in making sure the software delivers on its intended purposes. That is why software QA jobs are so important to fill. And, as some might not realize, it is also important to fill QA jobs that are not only centered on the proper development of the software; but, also, there will be a need to fill software QA jobs that deal with the personnel working in the QA division.

For those that have a background in management, human resources, software programming, and personnel performance, a variety of stable software QA jobs may be available to meet your professional requirements. Some of these positions include:

QA Manager

The title “manager” can be among the broadest of all the software QA jobs. In many ways, this would be appropriate since a QA manager will be needed to perform many tasks. The prime purpose of such a position would be to oversee the quality assurance of all software development. Running tests on all software through all stages of development will be mandatory. However, such a position will also entail building and overseeing a professional team of QA engineer professionals. This personnel management component may prove to be the most challenging facet of the position.

QA Automation Specialist

The operation and creation of an automation testing suite is a must for all software quality assurance divisions. As such, the importance of a QA automation specialist should never be overlooked. Such a position does not exist in a vacuum and the ability to coordinate duties with other professionals is a must.

QA Lead

A Lead can be considered one of the more misunderstood positions of all QA software jobs mainly because a lead is “like” a manager but does not hold prime managerial duties. Rather, the Lead spearheads most quality assurance tasks and duties. In many ways, the Lead acts as a team leader to other members of the software engineering team and ensures adherence to proper guidelines is undertaken. Without the guidance of a Lead, far too much responsibility could fall on the manager which would detract the manager from other tasks that require appropriate attention.

The requirements for such positions will vary depending upon the hiring agency. In general, experience, education, and personal skill levels will determine salary. Those that do fit the salary requirements for the available jobs will discover their growth potential in the industry to be a bright one.

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