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Nurse travel jobs give you the opportunity to visit a variety of cities for several weeks, work shift hours that fit your lifestyle, and relocate with no hassles or worries about finding a place to stay. When you are ready, pack your bag and travel to the next exciting location for your travel nursing employment. Could anything be more simple or exciting? Imagine working in top facilities all across the country. The experience that you receive while training in various hospitals and with different professionals enhances your potential for growth in your field, and builds an outstanding resume giving more marketability when you decide on a permanent position.

Aya Healthcare has been helping healthcare professionals find available job opportunities all over the country for several years. Aya Healthcare places nurses and allied healthcare workers in positions for a minimum of 4 weeks up to a period of one year. You are provided with a securely located furnished apartment near the hospital, great medical benefits, and a 401k plan. Finding travel nursing employment is extremely convenient and easy with Aya Healthcare. You may contact them by phone at 1-866-687-7390.

Cross Country Travel Corps is one of the leading companies in travel nursing employment with over 30 years experience in providing nurse travel jobs for professionals. Their RNs are some of the best in the nation with an average of 8.5 years experience in the field. You can make up to $50 per hour, live in private housing for free with utilities paid, and receive travel reimbursement. For benefits, you will have medical and dental insurance as well as professional liability coverage. Cross Country Travel Corps offers a range of completion bonuses from $500 to $3,000. For more information, you may telephone at (800) 530-6125. is a health care agency providing nurse travel jobs for those in allied health and nursing fields. Their terms of employment start at 13 weeks and can last as long as a year. This company pays the highest rate in the industry with a great compensation package. There is a traveler’s newsletter which will provide good information on adjusting issues and problems that can arise in travel nursing employment. Currently, if you apply for a job with and are qualified for the position, you will be entered to win a free trip to Italy! You may contact them at (888) 331-3431.

If you have dreamed of working at the top facilities in the country or just have a desire for adventure and change of pace, nurse travel jobs are abundant and offer great opportunities to expand your knowledge base in your field. Knowing how to find the best companies for which to work and understanding your potential earnings and compensation packages will help you to pick the best employment available. Who knows, you might end up in Hawaii and decide to retire there!

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