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While certain businesses and industries fall victim to the ups and downs of a particular economic landscape, there will be those sectors that are perennially less impacted by external economic factors. Marketing advertising jobs could be considered to be part of such a realm. After all, no matter what the current economic climate is, there will always be advertising present in one form or another. Often, low economic indicators could lead to a boost in the demand for marketing advertising jobs. Why is this? Many businesses or industries could become desperate for liquid cash. As a result, they will increase their advertising so as to generate cash flow. This, in turn, opens the door for greater opportunity with marketing advertising jobs.

Competition Doesn’t Diminish for Jobs in Marketing and Advertising

But, do not assume that because there will be increased demand for marketing advertising jobs that it will be easy to land such a job. With many people looking for employment, ANY job opening will be flooded with applicants. Many resumes will be from prospective employees that really have no business being hired in the first place due to their lack of qualifications. While such employees are not serious competition for a qualified applicant, they do clutter the field. That means you need to boost your application so it stands out from all the other applicants for the marketing advertising jobs that are open. Here are a few ways to do this:

Standing Out from the Crowd

Standing out from the crowd is not always easy but it does not have to be overly difficult either. Obviously, you would need to pay attention to presenting the most obvious information required to land marketing advertising jobs. That means all relevant educational and professional experience will need to be clearly detailed and presented. Most people are well aware of this. However, the problematic part can be when someone does not have a formal degree in marketing or advertising and may not have worked directly in the industry. If this is the case, developing a resume and application becomes a little harder. However, it does not become something impossible.

Peripheral Components — Give Your Marketing Resume an Edge

The key here is to craft a resume that promotes your knowledge and achievement in sales so as to bring you into the ballpark of consideration. For example, if you worked in the distribution wing of a retail store, your resume could highlight your peripheral and direct experience with marketing campaigns and the personnel that worked in the marketing division. Some may consider this a stretch in terms of qualifying yourself for marketing and advertising jobs but it is still worth exploring. It really does not hurt to at least try to craft a reliable achievement based resume since this could lead to an interview. At that point, it may prove easier to sell yourself and highlight your qualifications. Who knows? It may even lead to you beating out someone that may look more qualified on paper. Stranger things have happened so why not take a chance?

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