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Dentistry is one of today’s most rewarding and stable career fields, encompassing within itself many different career options to suit a wide variety of people. With so many different dental office jobs out there to consider, it can be difficult to pinpoint which one is best suited to you as an individual. The following is an overview of some of the most popular choices, the duties attached to each choice, and the requirements you’ll need in order to be able to pursue each of them.

Dental Office Jobs as a Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is an important part of any dental team. He or she is the one responsible for educating patients on the importance of proper dental care, as well as on the proper procedures when it comes to maintaining overall oral health. Other job responsibilities include taking and developing x-rays, keeping careful track of patient records and histories, and overseeing procedures such as fluoride treatments. Dental hygienists are in very high demand and choosing to become one is considered to be a wise and stable career decision.

In order to be considered for full-time or part-time dental office jobs as a hygienist, you must complete an official dental hygiene curriculum. These are generally available at tech schools, specialized dental schools, and community colleges, but there are higher level programs available as well. Most dental hygiene programs take between 2 and 4 years to complete.

Dental Office Jobs as a Dental Lab Technician

If you’re the type of person who likes working behind the scenes instead of up close and personal with patients and clientele, then dental tech work might be the choice for you! Dental lab technicians are responsible for creating dentures, veneers, crowns, and wearable orthodontic equipment such as braces and headgear. Dental office jobs in this category also involve constant use and full understanding of the latest dental advancements and equipment, making it an especially great choice for people who enjoy building things or working with technology.

In order to be eligible for a position as a dental lab technician, you must earn your official certification at a dental college or tech school that offers dental tech programs. Typically, it takes around a year to earn this certification, but for those who are truly interested in pursuing a long-term career in dental tech, further studies are available and recommended.

Dental Office Jobs as a Dental Assistant

Dental assistants can be responsible for a number of tasks and assignments in regards to patient care. They are the ones that take and record a patient’s vital stats including blood pressure and pulse/heart rate. They may take impressions that will later be used to create necessaries such as veneers, dentures, or orthodontic devices. They will almost always get to work closely with the patients performing tasks such as the demonstration of good oral hygiene practices and may be the ones in charge of advising patients in regards to post-surgical oral care as well. Dental assistants also work directly with the dentist during exams and minor procedures.

You will need at least a high school diploma to become a dental assistant, but it while there are college programs available in dental assisting, it is possible to receive your training on the job instead. Nevertheless, if you are interested in greater and better career opportunities in regards to this particular job option, it is advisable to attend college and complete a standard 2-year training program.

Dental Office Jobs as a Dentist

If you are truly passionate about the idea of working in dentistry, then it’s not out of the question that you might decide you’d like to be a dentist someday. As a dentist, you will have the opportunity to perform a wide variety of procedures. You may even choose to specialize in a specific area of dentistry such as aesthetic dentistry, diagnostics, orthodontics, or surgical restoration. However, it will definitely take some time and effort put into schooling in order to get there.

In order to become a dentist, you must complete both an undergraduate program and four full years of dental school. Should you decide you’d like to specialize, then you will also need to complete several years of additional schooling after that as well.

Dental office jobs offer one many terrific perks when it comes to their professional life including the respect and prestige attached to working in health care, incredible flexibility when it comes to schedules and career choices, and the opportunity to work closely with people in a way that ultimately changes their lives for the better. Plus, dental office jobs are among some of the most secure jobs available, which is becoming increasingly important to many as more and more jobs become obsolete. All things considered, it’s no surprise that dentistry is one of the fastest growing fields today.

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