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It’s very easy to sit around and complain about the state of your city today, but the easiest way to affect change is by getting into politics and interviewing for city manager jobs. In most localities, the city manager position involves actually managing the state of the city, although the city manager generally requires the approval of elected officials to carry out any major duties. Usually the city manager is not elected, but he may be appointed or chosen by the city’s elected officials.

Type of work done by city managers

City managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the city. They must be at every important meeting that involves the city’s operations, and they will report findings back to the elected officials who weren’t at the meeting. Typical positions as a city manager involve handling building projects, re-zoning issues, health and safety concerns, and anything that involves the management of city services. Managers of a city usually have the authority to appoint department heads to help them oversee the entire operation of running the city.

Work tasks for city manager jobs

In many cases, the manager is the budget person. He meets with all the committees and commissions throughout the city, and he develops a city budget. He also is in charge of overseeing the big picture of the city’s operation. City managers report to the mayor and elected officials. They also may give interviews to the media and help with conflict resolution among all of the city’s agencies.

Hours involved

The number of hours the manager of a city will work per week depends entirely on how big the city is. Larger cities will have a manager that works full time and probably even overtime, attending meetings of all kinds in the evenings. On the other hand, smaller cities may have a manager that only spends 10 or 20 hours on the job per week. It’s a simple numbers game that depends on how big the city is, how many agencies it has, and how much time it takes to manage it all.

Education required

For those who think a city manager job might be right for them, there are a number of education requirements that must be met. Many city managers have a Master’s Degree in management or business administration. Managers for smaller cities may have a Bachelor’s Degree in these same areas instead. It’s also possible to have a Bachelor of Science in management or business administration. For those who wish to land a position as a city manager, the most important courses to focus on are economics, sociology, urban planning, finance, management, political science, and statistics.

Other facts about the position of city manager

It is important to note that the city manager position is usually a non-partisan one. This basically means that the city manager cannot choose sides. She operates with the city’s best interests in mind, and she cannot side with any agency or citizen during any dispute.

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