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There is a predominance of men in the field of commercial real estate. The glass ceiling is lower, and might be called instead the glass shelf or floor where commercial real estate is concerned. However, an organization called “Crew” is taking steps to change that. The Commercial Real Estate Women organization is international and has programs for teaching young women the fundamentals of commercial real estate development and sales. The recruitment of women into the field is growing stronger as the years pass. The presence of women, especially in retail property development, is seen as a positive. After all, woman do much of the shopping for their families and understand what the shoppers want in retail facilities. Woman from the fields of finance, management, architecture, and design are good candidates to grow into commercial property development, learning the process from land acquisition to site planning and permit compliance to building designs and construction progress.

For women who are interested solely in sales or leasing of commercial properties, there are apprentice programs available with some of the larger commercial realty companies. These companies provide thorough instruction and mentoring in marketing commercial properties. Such issues as finding listings, determining the profit basis of commercial properties such as apartments, stores, strip malls and the like, calculating the worth of inventory and equipment sold with the property, and the financing of the sale are all covered as the commercial real estate agent grows in expertise. There is an abundance of opportunities for women in the property management of commercial properties. In this arena, the concerns are similar to residential property management, but with the additional focus on retail security, inventory accounting, and maintenance of commercial venues dealing with a large volume of visitors daily. The field is ripe with opportunities for many ambitious women.

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