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Do you enjoy creating professional looking reports with graphs, charts, and grids of data? Do you enjoy unique challenges and working with databases? If so, a career based around Crystal Report creation and maintenance may be just what you’re looking for.

What is Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports is a specialized reporting solution that works with relational database systems like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Most Crystal reports jobs consist of taking report requirements and producing crystal report templates that are then integrated into business applications or websites to provide timely reports for the company or clients.

Crystal reports jobs usually require a deep understanding of Crystal Reports and also SQL – the programming language that allows you to retrieve data from database systems – in order to pull the data needed for reports. An understanding of relational databases and data manipulation is essential.

What to Expect From Crystal reports jobs

Compensation for Crystal reports jobs varies greatly by experience. Entry level programmers may expect to make anywhere from 55k-65k. Some Crystal Report job positions will expect you to wear multiple ‘hats’; you have to gather requirements from users, work on deploying the reports, and maybe even work on database design and program integration.

Working with Crystal Reports presents unique challenges. Some companies may request reports that take data from various sources and different databases. Many Crystal reports jobs require you to have knowledge of multiple versions of Crystal Reports. There are currently 12 versions available and the last 4 versions are still in heavy use. Crystal Reports version 12 is setting new standards in reporting, but many systems are so integrated with previous versions, that they will not be replaced anytime soon.

Job Interviews

When interviewing for a Crystal Report job, you will be asked questions about how to work with SQL code in Crystal Reports, how to deploy a stand-alone Crystal Report, and how to solve different layout issues. Most employers will also want to see your knowledge of SQL code and database servers as well.
Working in the field of custom reports with Crystal reports jobs is a fun and exciting career choice with huge demand. Brush up on your skills or take a special class and you can be part of this exciting field.

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