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Travel Nurse Company - How to select a travel nurse company

nurse travel agency what about salaries and benefits?

Registered nurses have many options when they choose a travel nurse company.

Before selecting a specific nurse travel agency, a prospective travel nurse needs to take several things into consideration. Having a great match between a nurse and the travel company that she works with can make all the difference in having a great travel experience.

If you are a Registered Nurse who is considering travel nursing, here are some important questions to ask:

What do you want to travel nurse?

There are many reasons that RNs sign on with a nurse travel agency. Some want to live in new places or spend some time living and working near family in other states. Others want to see what it is like working in other hospitals and see what is different…and the same…about nursing in other parts of the country. Some nurses are in it for the money or more control over their work schedule.

What should a travel nurse company do for me?

No two nurse travel agencies are alike, but there are some general things that you can expect. Nurse travel companies have “handlers” who work with individual nurses so that you have a go-to person for any question or concern you may have during the pre-employment and travel assignment period. They are a coordinator, and try to make the process smooth and seamless for the nurses that they work with.

You’ll work with your handler to find out what current assignments best suit you current travel nursing requests, be it money, location, or specialty. They’ll set up the phone interviews, and once you accept an assignment, they’ll begin coordinating the timeline and lodging aspects of a travel assignment. They also handle the paperwork, from contracts to licensure in a new state. You shouldn’t have to pay for any of this out of pocket.

Bottom line, your company is there for you. If there is a problem with your assignment they’ll help. Lodging didn’t turn out to be as nice as promised? They’ll take care of that, at no cost to you. The actual job assignment not as promised? They’ll act as your go-between.

A good nurse travel agency will initiate conversations about your next assignment several weeks before your current contract ends.

What about salaries and benefits?

It’s a given that hospitals who use travel nurse agencies to fill their staffing requirements are doing it because they are in desperate need. In general, the more desperate the need, the higher the salary will be.

But prospective travel nurses need to look at the entire benefit package offered by the travel nurse company. Take into consideration the insurance that they offer (medical, dental, short- and long-term care), 401k or other retirement options, and whether they cover educational expenses (such as keeping special certifications current.)

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