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Are you a natural leader and problem solver looking to make real changes in the world? Then a career in public administration may be right for you.

What does a public administrator do?

Public administrators work in a variety of settings helping to design and implement policies for public institutions. These professionals are responsible for managing federal, state, and local efforts to preserve and improve our communities.

Administrators often hold college level degrees in public administration. They may find work in state and local governments, public or private schools, or in healthcare facilities. In addition, employers often seek professionals with a significant background in their area of specialty.

What kinds of public administration jobs are available?

Education administrator

A public administrator working in an academic environment works to give instructional leadership and delegates day-to-day responsibilities within schools, preschools, day care facilities, and universities.

In addition, administrators in education may find work within businesses, correctional institutions, museums, trade schools, and community service centers that offer training programs. Administrators are needed to tailor these programs to specific community and organizational needs.

Public administration jobs in education often focus around supervisory positions, and professionals are responsible for setting and meeting educational goals.
• They may develop instructional programs, monitor their success, and work to motivate students and staff.
• They may also be responsible for recordkeeping, budgeting, and public relations with their community.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, education administrators were employed in 445,400 public administration jobs in 2008, and employment is expected to grow at the national average. The Bureau estimated that postsecondary school administrators could expect to earn between $68,360 and $102,830 annually.

Healthcare administrators

Public administration jobs in healthcare are available to professionals able to manage and direct medical organizations. They ensure that healthcare institutions deliver quality and efficient medical services.

Healthcare administrators adapt to the ever-changing field of medicine, including incorporating new healthcare delivery methods, technological advances, and complex federal and state regulations.

In addition, health administrators may be required to specialize in larger healthcare facilities. Their duties may focus on overseeing nursing, surgery, therapy, medical records, or health information.

By contrast, administrators working in smaller facilities may be responsible for a broader range of duties, including managing personnel, finances, facility maintenance, and admissions.

About 38% of healthcare administrators work in hospitals (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The rest find work in
• Physicians’ offices
• Nursing home and long term care facilities
• In home healthcare services
• Federal government organizations
• Outpatient care centers
• Insurance carriers
• Community facilities

In addition, the Bureau states that employment opportunities are expected to grow faster than the national average for public administrators in healthcare. The middle 50% of administrators earned between $62,170 and $104,120 in 2008.

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