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Regional Sales Jobs - Future Outlook of Regional Sales Jobs

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Regional sales representatives work directly either for a single manufacturer, a wholesaler of products, or for a service business. Regional sales reps are an important part of the business because they are the ones that are directly responsible for turning over goods and allowing the business to profit. Those in regional sales jobs use the telephone, email, and in-person visits to potential and current customers in order to make their sales. They must be good with people and have full and direct knowledge of the products or services being offered. In order to keep abreast of the industry and make new contacts, they often attend trade shows, conventions, and conferences for the company.

Besides selling, a person with a regional sales job must be able to analyze statistical reports and create their own. They are also responsible for a variety of personal administrative duties, such as scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, and keeping an expense account.

The area for regional sales jobs can vary greatly, depending on the reach and size of the company. Some larger companies may have a strong presence in a single city and require regional sales reps operating in areas of the city. Other companies may handle the area by county. Still others use a statewide, or multi-state system of dividing up the area amongst regional sales employees.

About 50 percent of people with regional sales jobs work a 40-hour week. One-quarter of the others work over 50 hours per week, and the last quarter work only part-time. Regional sales reps must often work or travel on the weekends. This is a high-stress job because the job’s security is directly related to the performance of the employee. Companies have no use for a salesman that can’t close a deal. No formal education is required for regional sales jobs, but more and more, companies are looking for someone that holds a bachelor’s degree, no matter the subject.

The market for regional sales jobs is predicted to grow by 7 percent through the year 2018. This is about average for all jobs. Companies will always need salesmen, so, as long there are new companies, new jobs will continue to open. The largest growth will be in independent sales forces. These are outside agencies that are hired by a manufacturer to take over the sales portion of their business. The best prospects will be those with a high understanding of technology, as this is a fast-growing sector of business.

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