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Nursing is one of the highest in-demand jobs, and in the future the demand will only grow more. One specific sector in nursing is seeing an even higher growth potential – travel RN jobs. Traveling nurses have duties very similar to other nurses, except that they work for only a limited time in an assigned area before moving on to the next. Most travelling nurses work through a specialty traveling nurse agency. This gives the nurses two sets of bosses, which is definitely as downside, but it is more than made up for in the pay.

Duties of someone in a travel RN job depend on the department they will be working in. Most nurses attend 5 to 7 patients over the course of a 12-hour shift. They are required to administer medications, coordinate care with other departments, receive new patients, discharge patients, document all care activities and patient status, and otherwise follow the orders given by doctors.

While there are no extra schooling requirements for being a travelling nurse, most agencies prefer to hire nurses with, at least, a couple of year’s experience. Wages are typically between $30 and $40 per hour, but can vary by where the assignment is and the cost of living at that location. Many agencies hiring for travel RN jobs also offer many benefits because travel RNs are in such high-demand. These benefits can include bonuses, free continuing education, tuition discounts, and free 24-hour support.

The best candidates for travel RN jobs are those who like to see different parts of the country. Assignments are for an average of six weeks, and the employer pays all costs for relocation. It is recommended that a nurse accepting a new travel RN job ask for short assignments at the beginning. This way, the nurse can assess how they will fare in this environment and situation. Many travel nurses report a noticeable difference in rapport with other medical staff as a traveling nurse as compared to being a resident nurse.

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