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College Football Line - Do You Know How To Read A College Football Line?

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The parking lots are about to fill up, the beer is going to be cracked open, and die-hard fans are going to be waving their banners and wearing their team colors. If you have ever been to a college football game, you have experienced this before. It’s something that is difficult to explain with words. The excitement and loyalty toward a team are unparalleled compared to any other sport. Actually, they’re unparalleled in the same sport as well. The NFL might be the big money maker, but when it comes to sheer passion, college football wins by a landslide. If an NFL fan watches his team lose in a big game, he might think about it for a day, a week, or maybe even a month, but he will eventually get back to his regular routine. If a college football fan sees his team lose, he will remember that game, and all of the specifics, for years, and maybe even a lifetime. It seems as though when it comes to watching football the edge would go to college football over the NFL, but if you’re a gambler, this is not the case.

Even though there is now more parity in the NFL than years ago, it’s still relatively easy to win more than 50% of the games you bet on. Many people will come up with elaborate schemes and concepts to pick winners, but if they were to keep it simple, they would realize winning would be a lot easier. The key is to remember that the winners keep winning. You might lose a game here and a game there. You might even have a few losing weeks in a row. But if you stick with the teams that win games, you will find yourself winning more bets. If this sounds confusing to you, just pick the team that you think will win the game. Don’t even pay attention to the line. The line comes into play less than half the time.

Should you deal with a college football line the same way? Absolutely not. That is a sure way to find yourself in the poor house. Or at least as a big loser for the season. College football lines used to be much easier to read. All you had to do was look at the Top 25 and stick with those teams when they were playing unranked teams. If two ranked teams were playing against each other, you would take the one getting the points, regardless of the rankings. This was a system that many people used for years, and it brought them plenty of success. But their luck eventually ran out. Starting in 2008, big underdogs started upsetting ranked teams left and right. Every time you thought it was just an aberration, it happened again. And again and again. This made a college football line extremely difficult to read. What made it even more difficult was that in 2009, the upsets were mixed in at about a 40% clip. This made reading a college football line a guessing game. There was no trend to follow. Gamblers and professional handicappers were at a loss. The only people that were happy were the bookies and casinos. It got to the point where many people decided not to even bother looking at a college football line. They had lost so much money that they wanted to have nothing to do with it. They watched college football for enjoyment and only bet on the NFL games.

So, is there a right way to read a college football line now? If you’re referring to the side, then the answer would be no. You would have to be the luckiest person in the world or a genius in order to come out ahead. However, there is another way to win. Instead of betting the side, bet the total. There is a secret about college football lines when it comes to totals, and it has to do with simple math. Since most people don’t bet the totals, the odds-makers are not going to be as tricky with the lines. When it comes to college football, these lines are very straightforward. You can usually guess what the total will be before the college football lines come out in the paper. All you need to do is take the averages of the offenses and use the difference as the point spread. If the line is way off, attack.

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