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Auto Rental Miami - How to Get A Cheap Auto Rental in Miami

avoid hidden fees be flexible drop the extras

You can find an auto rental in Miami that is significantly below standard market prices if you know when and where to look for them. Our economy has been hard hit lately and rental companies are experiencing fierce competition as demand for rental cars dips with tightening corporate and personal budgets alike. Take advantage of this fact by comparing several different car rental companies against one another to find the most competitive deal before signing on the dotted line for your Miami rental car. Three simple tips can help get you off to a promising start in your search for a cheap auto rental in Miami. First, keep on the alert for hidden fees in your prospective Miami rental car agreements that would serve to inflate your overall rental price. Second, be flexible in your reservation dates and book very early or very late to secure premium rental cars at deeply discounted prices. Third, if you are in earnest about your desire to secure the cheapest auto rental in Miami, consider dropping ‘extras’ that can shoot your rental prices through the roof.

Avoid Hidden Fees

While many rental car agencies practice transparency in their business dealings with consumers, others simply do not. Recognizing this ugly truth can help you to stay alert to hidden fees that may be lurking just below the surface of your ‘too good to be true’ rental car deal.

For instance, when you reserve an auto rental in Miami, you would be wise to request that the company present your car with a full tank of gas and that you return the car with a full tank of gas, as well. This is because many rental companies charge exorbitant gasoline rates in an attempt to capitalize on people’s propensity toward laziness. Read the fine print of your rental agreement to see just how much extra it will cost you the rental is not brought in with a topped off tank.

In addition, you should also make yourself aware of your Miami rental company’s policies for late return. Some companies may charge extra by the hour, while others may charge you for an entire day, even if your rental is only one hour late. Make sure your auto rental in Miami does not wind up costing more than you bargained for by educating yourself on the fine print in any given rental contract.

Be Flexible

The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the more likely you will be to secure an auto rental in Miami that is below the standard going rate. As a general rule, you would be wise to book your rental reservation at least one month prior to your trip. This is because car rental agencies operate on the principle of supply and demand. Renters often wait until around 3 weeks prior to their trips to get serious about making reservations, which means that if you book your auto rental in Miami prior to the rental rush, there will be less demand and you will receive lower prices.

If you are not able to book your auto rental in Miami at least a month prior to your trip and your travel dates are flexible, you may want to go the opposite route and wait until the very last moment to book your Miami auto rental. A last minute auto rental in Miami can save you a fortune, as reduced rates are common when it comes to last minute cancellations and low sales days. Rental agencies in Miami would rather rent their vehicles to you at a reduced rate than have their cars sitting idle, not bringing in any profit whatsoever. If you are comfortable flying by the seat of your proverbial pants, check rental agency websites on the day of your prospective departure in order to secure a terrific last minute deal on an auto rental in Miami.

Drop the Extras

Unless you absolutely need to drive a mid-sized or large vehicle, you should consider going with a basic compact auto rental in Miami if you want to secure the absolute lowest rate possible. In addition, if you can live without a CD player, a sunroof or a GPS system, do not include these ‘extras’ in your rental package. In addition, if you are strapped for cash you may want to consider not adding an insurance plan to your rental agreement. This is a slight gamble but if you drive safely, it can save you a large amount on your next auto rental in Miami.

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