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Kitten Heel Shoes - Kitten Heel Shoes Hot in 2010

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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then shoes must be her next-best friend. Whether a fashionista, a diva, an executive or the girl next door—a woman and her shoes share a special relationship.

For many self-proclaimed shoe junkies, keeping up with trends is essential. The good news for all those achy feet is the comeback of kitten heel shoes as the hottest trend in footwear for 2010. It is actually hip to strut down the catwalk in these low heel wonders.

What is a kitten heel?
Kitten heel is a misleading name is some ways. No kittens, cats or any other felines are involved in the making of kitten heel shoes. Maybe the concept came about due to cats crouching low to stalk prey or the idea that kittens are a smaller versions of cats. In any case, kitten heel shoes are low heels typically less than 2 inches high. The heel features a thin base set in slightly from the back of the shoe. Kitten heel shoes were sometimes called training heels.

When did kitten heel shoes come on the scene?
Kitten heels were first associated with film star Audrey Hepburn when she wore a sexy version of the low heel. Wearing kitten heel shoes in films and in her personal social life made the style a must have in the 1950s. Since that time kitten heels have slinked in and out of favor making a comeback in the 80s only to fall out of popularity again.

Who is wearing kitten heels in 2010?
The latest kitten heel shoe craze may be the result of US First Lady Michele Obama’s impact on fashion. Kitten heel shoes are her moniker. From daily tasks out and about in the city to formal affairs like the Presidential Inauguration, she almost always chooses kitten heels to complement her unique style.
Even highly regarded magazines for fashionistas call out the kitten heel as the hottest choice in footwear for 2010. Vogue called the re-emergence of kitten heel shoes as “the new pretty”.

Why are kitten heels a good choice?
Those poor achy feet suffered from all kinds of physical maladies as a result of being shoved into pointy toes and high stiletto heels. Bunions, blisters, back problems, broken ankles and related consequences have long been associated with the sexy look of spiked heels—the taller the better. In contrast, kitten heel shoes offer practical styles suited to the natural curve of the foot without the need to sacrifice an apendage in the name of fashion. Comfort and a practical design cause less stress on the person and her feet.

Kitten heels offer a great option for taller women who otherwise might tower over a shorter escort. They are also safer for females just starting to experiment with fashion footwear.

How can women make kitten heels edgy?
For fashionista-wanna-be types concerned that kitten heel shoes are a flashback to the 1980s making them appear less than hip, there are variations of accessories to make bold statements. Wear thick textured knee socks in contrasting or complementary colors with a kitten heel pump or sling back. Thin opaque patterned tights and other hosiery paired with a popular sling-back kitten heel can reflect an independent style. Intricate designs on the shoe itself involving sequins, buttons, a variety of materials, textures and styles clearly make a diva statement. Kitten heel shoes come in a wide-array of styles and types of shoes. Kitten heel flip flops, boots, sandals, pumps and sling backs are just a few.

Where can women buy kitten heels?
The good news is the availability and affordability of kitten heel shoes. From on-line resources to local department stores, kitten heel shoes are widely available. High fashion designers make their own versions of the now popular kitten heel. For those who want to spend big bucks to prove their kitten heel prowess, designers in high-end stores and on the Internet are easily accessible.

As the latest trend in footwear for 2010, kitten heel shoes offer fashion and comfort. Role models and celebrities who influence what feet must endure will determine how long kitten heels stay popular.

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