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Blue Man Group Chicago - Blue Man Group: Chicago Excitement Awaits You!

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Blue Man Group is a dynamic, performance-driven group who perform exciting theatrical shows that incorporate music, audio, visual and physical aids into every performance. Blue Man Group performs in every major city of the United States of America, as well as worldwide. One of their favorite cities is Chicago, Illinois. When Blue Man Group performs in Chicago, it is truly an experience you don’t want to miss. Even if you have seen Blue Man Group’s Show, you can easily experience something different from every show that you attend, so going to a Chicago performance will be different from one in New York City, for example.

Every Blue Man Group show is chock full of music, percussion, audio and visual aids as well as physical aids, which can include paint, food coloring and food substances. They often use strobe lights, so if this is a potential medical threat to you or any member of your family, please be aware of this when planning to attend a performance. It is always advisable to wear casual clothing that could absorb some of this material, especially if you are sitting in a front seat, which they call the “poncho section” as a tradition. At the Briar Street Theater in Chicago, they will actually provide you with ponchos to cover your clothing, which is really thoughtful of them. Of course, part of the fun is is experiencing the physical material that goes flying around as part of each performance; some people attend performances for the express reason of experiencing that particular part of a show. Many of the themes within Blue Man Group’s Shows are social-oriented, and have a lot to do with what is going on in the world, at the moment if not in the recent past. Identity is a big theme, also, since each blue man is bald with a blue face as part of their costume; they have no ears and are mute, also.

The Briar Street Theater is where a Blue Man Group show happens in Chicago. This theater has limited seated for wheelchair-mobile people, and there are balcony seats on the left and right of the theater, if you prefer that kind of seating. The Briar Street Theater is located north of the downtown Loop and Magnificent Mile. It is not too far from Wrigley field, so if you are a Cubs fan, you might be able to catch a game and a show in one evening. There are refreshments available at the theater, and no food and drink are allowed, other than what you purchase. Many different purchasing options are available at the website for Blue Man Group, where they offer discounted tickets, dinner and show or hotel combination packages, student rates, rush tickets and group rates. Directions and seating for the theater can also be found at their website, and the online URL is There, you can also learn more about this fantastic performing group, as well as information for a Blue Man Group Chicago performance. Some matinees are available for groups of children, so if you are an educator and would like to take you class to a show, please look into the matinee time frames that you and your class can see a performance in. Blue Man Group loves educators.

If you have never experienced the excitement and ultimate fun of a Blue Man Group Show, especially while in Chicago, do yourself a favor and check them out. Every person who has seen their show will attest to you that is it something completely different, is very entertaining and often thought-provoking, too. This group has been creating music and performing shows since 1988. They have been involved in many television and regional theatrical productions, as well as in commercials for both the group and music. They are highly focused on education and families, having a “Blue School” for children, located in lower Manhattan, New York City. There will be an IMAX movie launched in 2011, featuring Blue Man Group, who are sure to entertain on many levels of themes and in an entirely new area of exploration: the silver screen. Experience Blue Man Group in Chicago; you will more than likely love their show.

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