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Set Up Email Address - How To Create a New Email Address

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In the world today it is almost a necessity to have an email address. You may be asked your email address for home, school, or business uses. Many people now simply use email instead of traditional mail. If a person doesn’t have home internet service that comes with an email address, they can create a new email address that is free of charge.There are many different email carriers that allow you to set up an email free of charge. Take a look at the different websites, and choose which one is the best for you. Three popular free email websites are,, and Depending on what you are planning on using the email address for will help you decide which company to choose for setting up an email account.

Gmail is powered by Google, and is preferred if you need a lot of storage space. Also, if you are not very knowledgeable, Gmail is very easy to use, and it is very easy to set up an email address through Gmail. In order to sign up, you merely need to enter your name, a user name, and a carefully chosen password. You will soon be on your way to a complimentary email account with 2500 megabytes of storage. When choosing your login name, make it something creative that you will not forget. You will have to use this login name every time you are ready to check your email. It should be a unique name that no one has chosen already. After username and password are successfully selected, you will be asked to choose a security question that only you know the answer to. This is in case you forget your user name or password; it can be used to help recover your information. Now you will be asked if you agree to the Gmail terms and conditions. You must select “yes” in order to proceed. Once you choose yes that you agree you are ready to proceed with your email. Simply go to, enter you user name and password to be taken to your email. To view new mail, simply click on your inbox. Your email address will be your user name Setting up an email account is very easy.

Yahoo is another very popular email provider. In order to sign up for Yahoo mail, you can do to You will need to click on sign up, rather than sign in. You will once again be asked to enter your first and last name, choose a user name and password as well as pick a security question. If the user name that you have selected is taken, Yahoo will suggest another name for you. You can either select one of their suggested names, or try again and choose another. Also, with Yahoo mail you will be given the option if you prefer the address to end with, or Once you have selected all of your information, including password and user name you must again agree to their terms and services. You have now set up an email account using Yahoo’s free services.

Another popular service is Hotmail for free email services. With Hotmail you can either choose your suffix to be, or You will need to choose a user name and suffix, as well as a password. Be sure to make your password strong where people will have a hard time guessing it and hacking into your email. Now follow the preceding steps and set up your account. Hotmail will also ask you a secret question for security purposes. To check you hotmail, you will need to go to or and enter your user name and password. Then you will click on check mail. You are all set; you have successfully learned how to create an email account.

You can also have more than one email account if you choose. Maybe you would like to choose a couple of different services and see which ones you prefer. Setting up an email account is easy. Create a new email account or two if you like. With these trouble-free instructions setting up an email account only takes a few minutes. Creating an email address is worth your time, many people throughout your lifetime will request your email address. Don’t be humiliated and declare you do not have one; create an email address today.

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