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Some of the hottest housing markets are in the state of California during the present, and Antioch is on the radar of both first-time home buyers as well as investors. With interest rates being at all time lows and home prices dropping all over the country, many people are looking to these markets for their first home or as a quick investment strategy. Antioch California has a number of amenities and activities for any family or individual, which makes it another reason that many people are flocking to the area. With its beautiful mountain views and abundance of outdoor activities, the city of Antioch holds something for everyone.
First Time Home Buyers
Although the tax credit for first time home buyers has expired, many will be delighted to know that prices are still at historical lows for homes across the United States. Not only have home prices fallen, but mortgage interest rates have as well, which makes the present a perfect buyers market for those who have been generally unaffected by the financial crisis. Antioch California has many homes that are perfect for the individual or growing family such as the ever popular three bedroom and two bath homes. For instance, a home on Rockford Drive features three bedrooms, two baths, and one half-bath along with mature hardwood trees on a large open lot. The house has a contemporary design and covers two stories of heated square footage. The price is a very reasonable $109 per square foot, which is a bargain in any housing market. This house is perfect for those looking to start a family or even established families looking for a larger home. For those looking for something larger than three bedrooms, he or she should look to Black Oak Way, which is a neighborhood containing more square footage and larger lots.
Larger Homes
For those looking for an upgrade from their current home, Black Oak Way may have just what you are looking for. A five bedroom, three bathroom house in this neighborhood features over 2500 square feet of heated space, which is plenty of room for a large family. The home sits in a quiet neighborhood that features a community pool, fitness gym, tennis courts, and other amenities of neighborhood living. This home is a very low price for this community and the current owners are asking $289,900 for its purchase. Another house that is spacious and contemporary falls in the zip code of 94531 and boasts six bedrooms and three bathrooms and sits on almost a quarter of an acre. This home is equipped with over 3500 square feet of heated space, which offers plenty of running room for the kids. The kitchen is of contemporary design with granite counter tops and top of the line appliances while the living room incorporates hardwood floors and a gas fire place. All of this can be had for the asking price of less than $400,000.
Investment Homes
Investors are always looking for a bargain and Antioch California has a few. Although it has not been hit as hard as other areas across the nation, there are a few short sales and foreclosures available in the town. For instance, a four bedroom, two bathroom home in the area code of 94509 is currently being listed at just over $200,000. This size of the home is average for Antioch standards and will be in high demand once the market begins to recover. It has been said by many economists that average size housing will be the first to uptrend in the housing market, and those who own these particular homes will find themselves in a good position.
The township of Antioch is a growing area of California. Due to this fact, one may expect property values to improve faster than in other areas of the United States. With a bit of research before you buy, you are assured to find a great deal in the township of Antioch.

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