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Cheap Wedding Band - Save the Cheap Wedding Band for the Dancing

“cheap” ring couple mean

What exactly is a cheap wedding band? As with many things, cheap is in the eye of the beholder. What exactly do we mean when we say cheap? Again, as with many things, the word “cheap” has more than one meaning.

Of course, “cheap” can mean inexpensive, but that again, is in the eye of the beholder. A young couple who bought a “cheap” unadorned, white gold wedding band in 1970 would find that they can’t buy the same thing, forty years later, for less than three to four hundred dollars. Is this still a cheap wedding band?

“Cheap” can also mean undervalued; in other words, a bargain, a deal, or “a steal”. There is nothing wrong with a bargain; to many, that makes what they’ve bought even more special. It can also mean that, a wedding band, for example, has been undervalued because the seller didn’t know the true value. If a young couple buys an old wedding band that was thought to be ten carat gold, but turns out to be platinum instead, that’s a “steal”. But does that make it a cheap wedding band?

Then again, “cheap” can mean something that is badly made, shoddy, or something that pretends to be something that it’s not. If a young couple buys a wedding band that they think is fourteen carat gold, but turns out to be only gold plated, that is “cheap”. It’s also a crime on the part of the seller. Does that make it a cheap wedding band? Not really. It makes for an expensive lesson, about how much you can usually trust your fellow man when it comes to buying jewelry.

There are, however, ways to come by lovely wedding bands without having to go into debt. The first rule? Avoid jewelry stores and look for other venues that sell wedding bands.

Some families have a tradition of handing down wedding rings. If not, there could be elderly relatives that would love to pass down a ring to a couple just starting out. There isn’t a polite way to hint about this, by the way. Just announce the engagement and see what happens.

Look at fairs, street markets, and artistic areas of cities and you can find quite a few jewelry makers and goldsmiths. Examine their wares and ask about prices. Usually there is quite a lot of room for bargaining. Explain what you’re looking for, and explore the idea of a custom made ring. If it gets to this point, make sure there is a plan or order for the ring that spells everything out as clearly as possible. Get a receipt for any deposits. At the end of this process, a beautiful, one of a kind wedding band can be yours.

Flea markets, antique stores, and pawn shops are another avenues to explore. Ads in the local newspaper or penny saver paper are another idea. Some folks even advertise rings for sale on index cards put up in grocery stores. If going to a private house, leave your money in your car, just in case. Taking someone with you is recommended.

If the couple feels squeamish about “second hand rings”, thinking that there must be a sad story attached, they can get creative in that area as well. They can have a little cleansing ceremony of their own devising. For example, washing the rings in pure water and saying something like, “We wash away all the pain, and now these rings will bring only joy.” Whatever feels uplifting and comforting is fine.

If you do find yourself enacting this little ceremony, you can talk to each other about the future. Where you will take this ring, and where will this ring be fifty years from now? This is not just diverting pipe dreams; this will be a sweet memory, when it really becomes fifty years from now.

Yet, we have come all this way without even mentioning the word “love”. Love is what makes a scratched up old ring look like the Queen’s wedding band. Love is what makes a diamond chip look like the Hope Diamond. The truth is, if a couple is truly in love, there is no such thing as a cheap wedding band.

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