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Aetna Insurance Company - Insurance Options for Small Business

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How is Aetna the right choice for small business?

The Aetna insurance company offers a wide variety of insurance products including dental, pharmacy, group life, and health. Backed by a 150-year history of reliability, which consists of more than 543,000 primary care physicians and specialists and over 5,200 hospitals to choose from, rest assured that a dependable network of providers are available to suit most every need. The Aetna insurance company makes it easy to estimate common health costs, research drugs and alternatives, find health information, doctors, hospitals, and clinics; and request and print temporary ID cards. Many Aetna network specialists have the Aexcel designation based on clinical performance and efficiency. These specialists meet Aetna standards as well as the industry standard and accepted practices for performance. Social responsibility is an important role at the Aetna. The foundation has contributed more than $334 million dollars in grants and scholarships to fund projects in human services, neighborhood revitalization, and health.

The Aetna insurance company offers value in products with a variety of benefit programs to choose, online benefits administration, 24-hour service, and tools and resources that meet the unique needs of small-business owners. Now available at Aetna is a free mobile application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Get directions to a facility, view maps, and call doctors from anywhere. To promote healthier living, members can review PHR [personal health record], medications, reminders, test data, and recent claims.

Having a sound partner in health is great for small business. The reliability and stability of the Aetna insurance company gives small-business owners the confidence and assurance that they have made the right choice for their employee insurance options.

What are Aetna plans for small business?

The Aetna insurance company has a plan that is just right for any small business. Small business is defined as 2–50 employees, and Aetna AvenueSM has traditional plans and consumer-directed options; these products vary by state. Traditional plans include HMO, PPO, and POS while consumer-directed plans are more numerous and include HSA [health savings account] and HRA [health reimbursement arrangement]. The HSA account allows individual and employer contributions and funding whereas the HRA account is an employer-only contribution and funded plan. Both the HSA and HRA options have Aetna Performance Network Aexcel providers available. Other options include the Premium Only Plan where employees use pre-tax dollars to fund their portion of premiums, and the popular Flexible Spending Account where employees save for health expenses with pre-tax dollars. Many health expenses are eligible for coverage under the FSA plan; however, eligibility requirements change regularly.

Owning a small business is a huge investment and Aetna insurance company makes insurance choices for employee-benefit packages easy. Aetna provides a solution to the problem of keeping employee benefits affordable. Visit to learn more about options available to small-business owners.

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