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Allentown Homes For Sale - Tips on Allentown Housing

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Allentown, Pennsylvania homes for sale are entering the market at lower prices with increased numbers. That trend translates to a buyer’s market. If you’ve been window shopping for a home to buy in Allentown, it’s prime time for buyers and investors.

Located at the base of the scenic Lehigh Mountains along the Lehigh River, Allentown boasts a proud heritage of German descent. The city and its residents also played major roles in the Revolutionary War. In contrast to the peaceful views of the Lehigh Valley, Allentown’s longstanding reputation as a gritty, hard-working, blue collar community still clings to the city’s image. If you are seriously looking into Allentown homes for sale, it’s a good idea to read related forums to get advice on the best neighborhoods. The part of Allentown known as the West End is considered to be the most affluent area while other neighborhoods are more economically and culturally diverse. Like most metro areas, poverty and crimes rates influence the value of property.

Allentown homes for sale range from budget price to properties worth several million dollars. According to Trulia, the median home value in Allentown in June 2010 was roughly $145K while the median income for households ranged in the mid 30s. Both numbers ranked below the state median level. Showing a slight decrease, the average price per square foot for Allentown homes for sale was $95.

With a metro population over 106,000, 47% of the population rent rather than own. Average rent is about $748 a month with a wide-spread range depending on location. The average listing price of Allentown homes for sale in mid-July 2010 was about $184K while the average sale price for Allentown home sales from April-June was closer to $140K. You can find a downtown condo near the City Center or a detached single-family home set in the suburbs. The diverse selection of Allentown homes for sale varies from new construction to historical homes.

For families interested in Allentown homes for sale, 61 private schools and 32 public schools are available as well as over 50 post secondary schools in the region. The city offers many public parks as well as a popular amusement park, Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, located just outside Allentown.

The health field is slowly replacing the void left with the demise of manufacturing and steel mills. New residents searching for an Allentown home for sale could land a job with one of Allentown’s major employers, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network. Other significant job sources include the technology-related company, Agere and St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network. Another top employer is Air Products and Chemicals Inc. The chemical company developed the idea of making and selling industrial gas on location. Their U.S. home is located on over 600 acres near Allentown. Others who employ large numbers include city government and schools.

Allentown is the largest of a three-city region in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey. The other two cities include Bethlehem and Easton. With access to some of the nation’s largest population centers, Allentown is 60 miles north of Philadelphia and 90 miles west of New York City. The prime location is served by the Lehigh Valley Thruway connecting to Interstates 476 and 78 with access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Several smaller cities and towns are located close to Allentown giving commuters an average of a 21-minute drive time for work. Four nearby airports serve the area as well as bus service.

If you are an Allentown resident looking for an upgrade or one of the new employees searching for Allentown homes for sale, some excellent choices are out there. Then you can join one of many cultural references to Allentown. “And we’re living here in Allentown,” from Billy Joel’s song named after the city might be the caption on your next holiday card.

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