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Dallas Cowboys Clothing - The History of Dallas Cowboy Clothing

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The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular football teams in the National Football League and also one of the most successful teams in the history of National Football League. The Dallas Cowboys have a devoted following, but also receive a lot of opposition and hatred from fans of other teams simply because the Dallas Cowboys have had such a great winning record for the past 30 years.

The Dallas Cowboys first began playing in the National Football League in 1960 and from the beginning the Dallas Cowboys were extremely successful. Since the 1960s the team has played to packed stadiums filled with screaming fans wearing Dallas Cowboys clothing and costumes.

The Dallas Cowboys football team has had more Super Bowl appearances than any other football team in the National Football League and also set a record for the most consecutive winning seasons by a single football team. The record for most consecutive winning seasons still stands to this day. The record began in 1965 and lasted until 1985. No other team in the National Football League has come close to breaking the Dallas Cowboys record and some football analyst say that the record will never be broken.

Dallas Cowboys clothing is always in demand from their loyal and crazed fans. Any true fan has some form of Dallas Cowboys clothing. The most popular form of Dallas Cowboys clothing worn to games is the official team jersey. The football jersey comes in a few variations, but the most popular Dallas Cowboys team jersey is the royal blue and metallic silver combination. The royal blue and metallic silver jersey is the highest selling piece of Dallas Cowboys clothing in the franchise’s history.

Emmitt Smith, the legendary running back who played for the Dallas Cowboys for over 10 seasons, and won three Super Bowl titles helped increase the popularity of Dallas Cowboys clothing, especially his own jersey. Another significant Dallas Cowboy was Troy Aikman, who also won three Super Bowl titles alongside Emmitt Smith.

With the combination of Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman playing and winning for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s, Dallas cowboy’s clothing sales shot through the roof and became one of the most desired and sought after pieces of sports clothing during that particular decade. These two athletes were so prolific that even 15 years later their football jerseys still sell in Dallas Cowboy clothing stores and are still worn to Dallas Cowboy home games even though both athletes are retired.

Wearing any type of Dallas Cowboys clothing shows that you are a true fan of the football team. And if you attend a home game, it is almost mandatory that you have some type of Dallas Cowboys clothing on to fit in at the stadium. Finding Dallas cowboy clothing is extremely easy and can be found at any local mall or sporting goods store. Shopping on the internet is also a good option because it makes it easier to find retro Dallas Cowboy clothing and memorabilia.

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