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Discount New Balance Shoes - How to get the Best Deals on Discount New Balance Shoes

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Out of all the options available for modern athletic shoes, it is hard to pass up products made by New Balance. Footwear made my New Balance is often available in a variety of sizes that other manufacturers do not offer, which is especially appealing for individuals shopping for shoes of a certain width. In addition, New Balance is one of the only major athletic shoes manufactured in the United States, as opposed to being outsourced overseas. The company’s focus on quality means that New Balance shoes are often slightly more expensive than their competitors. Fortunately, a savvy shopper can easily find great deals on discount New Balance shoes.

When searching for discount New Balance shoes, a shopper has two major options: visiting off-price retailers and shopping online. Each offers an advantage over paying the full retail price, and a good pair of New Balance shoes can often be purchased for far less than even the cheaper models made by the competition.

An off-price retailer, also called a discount or closeout store, is exactly what it sounds like: a retail outlet that offers merchandise at a lower price than major distributors. It is a common misconception that the merchandise sold by off-price retailers is somehow flawed or of a lower quality – this is entirely false. In reality, almost all of the items sold by off-price retailers are identical to those sold in large shops; they are merely brand new surplus items, also called closeouts. Popular off-price retailers include Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Big Lots.

Fortunately for individuals shopping for discount New Balance shoes, the brand is often passed over by major retail shoppers for cheaper footwear like Nike or Adidas. This means that the major retail chains are often forced to resell some of their inventory to off-price retailers. Most cities have multiple off-price retailers; it is very likely that shoppers will be able to find a great selection of discount New Balance shoes from these businesses.

While shopping at off-price retailers offers a definite advantage over major retailers, the best deals on discount New Balance shoes are only available online. Numerous websites like exist that operate very similarly to physical off-price retailers; they sell surplus items from major chains. However, the price discounts available from these websites are often only marginally less than a shopper would find at physical off-price retailers, and when factoring in shipping costs, the amount saved on discount New Balance shoes is often minimal.

Online auction websites, on the other hand, are by far the best source for good deals on discount New Balance shoes. However, buying shoes from these websites carries a slightly greater risk compared to off-price retailers. This is specifically due to the threat of counterfeiting; some items sold on these websites are cheap knock-offs.

Fortunately, the counterfeit athletic shoe market has focused primarily on more well-known brands like Nike and Adidas, and counterfeit New Balance shoes are extremely rare. Therefore, buying a pair of discount New Balance shoes from an auction website should be relatively safe. Even so, a smart shopper should always be aware of the possibility of counterfeits, especially when the seller is located in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, or Thailand.

Before making a bid on a pair of shoes from an auction website, one should determine their exact shoe size, especially if the buyer has never worn a shoe by New Balance before. This may seem like common sense, but it is essential due to the fact that online auction websites rarely offer a return policy. Even if a buyer managed to send their shoes back, they would still incur shipping charges. Shoe sizes can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, and with the varying widths offered by New Balance on all their shoes, it is highly recommended that one actually tries on the exact model in person.

Even if the specific model of shoe is unavailable to try on locally, trying on any shoe made by New Balance will give the buyer a better perspective of exactly what size and width fits their feet. Furthermore, this gives the buyer an opportunity to actually see how the shoes feel; one major downside to shopping online is being unable to actually feel the fit of the footwear. Trying on a pair in person before buying online is thus highly recommended.

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