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Asics Gel Running Shoes - Asics Offers the Best Support

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Asics is one of the leading shoe companies in the world. Asics is world renowned for making high-quality running, walking and racing shoes. Asics running shoes have gel technology which provides injury prevention as well as unmatched cushioning and can aid in reducing the amount of injuries athletes suffer from running long distances.

Asics gel running shoes our popular with competitive and recreational runners alike. Competitive runners, especially marathon runners like to wear Asics gel running shoes because the shoes provide proper cushioning and motion control which is required to run competitively, especially in longer races like the marathon.

Shoe durability is an important factor and one that all Asics gel running shoes possess. Most running shoes will last between 500 and 600 miles. However, Asics gel running shoes can last up to 800 miles if maintained properly the shoes are able to last longer because of the gel technology located in every pair of running shoes.

Asics running shoes are able to prevent injuries like shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, calf strains, and runners knee. Asics gel running shoes are famous for preventing Achilles tendinitis thanks to the gel beneath the heel of the shoe. The gel in the heel of the running shoe absorbs shock.

Absorbing shock is an important part of a running shoe because every single step the athlete takes produces a great amount force and the result is a shock that runs through the entire leg damaging the muscles, especially the Achilles tendon. Having the Asics gel technology assist in reducing the amount of shock felt by the Achilles tendon and other muscles in the lower leg. This is why Asics gel running shoes are selected by most professional marathon runners.

Ryan Hall, America’s best marathon runner is currently sponsored by Asics and has nothing but praise for the company and their gel running shoes. Ryan Hall recently competed in the Olympics, finishing 10th in the marathon and credits his finish to his training and to his Asics gel running shoes.

While most runners cannot be as fast as Ryan Hall, they can wear the same type of training shoes that he uses every day on the roads. His personal choice of training shoe is the GEL-Kayano. The GEL-Kayano running shoe offers unprecedented support and cushioning and is best suited for long-distance runners concerned with performance and durability while maintaining their natural stride and range of motion.

Asics has released a new trail running shoe called the GEL-Trail Attack. This trail shoe features the same world-renowned gel running shoe support as well as new features such as a rock protection plate and anti-gravel tongue.

The rock protection plate on the GEL-Trail Attack show prevents the toes from being bruised by small stones that may be encountered on the rough trail systems. The anti-gravel tongue prevents the front of the shoe from scraping on the ground and tripping the athlete. This shoe is perfect for any athlete or walker who likes to hike or run on treacherous trails in the mountains or in the local rugged state parks.

Another new gel running shoe is the GEL-Enduro. The GEL-Enduro is made of synthetic leather with mesh surrounding the sides of the shoe This running shoe also contains reflective material designed to alert cars of your presence. The shoe is perfect for an athlete who wants to run at night or in the early morning hours without worrying about oncoming traffic seeing them. The GEL-Enduro also features a removable sock liner that enables the runner to insert orthotics or other cushioning devices while maintaining the same level of comfort offered by other shoes.

Whether you are a competitive runner or someone just looking to start running, Asics gel running shoes are perfect if you are concerned about preventing injuries or looking for a running shoe that will cut down on the impact your muscles, especially your Achilles tendon will feel while running.

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