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Brooks running shoes have been increasing in popularity recently. This is due to the fact that Brooks has been releasing shoes for the elite and competitive runner that emphasize performance and comfort. Brooks prides itself on being in touch with its customer base. Brooks will listen to feedback they receive from their customers and from their sponsored athletes. Brooks is the up-and-coming shoe company in the United States. Brooks aims to give other shoe companies a run for their money.

This past year, Brooks released two new running shoes aimed at sustainability and performance. The first new Brooks running shoe is the Green Silence. This Brooks running shoe is a comfortable racing flat. A racing flat is a type of shoe that is used in competition or for people who do not want to wear heavy training shoe that will limit the range of motion and flexibility of the foot. Racing flats are popular among elite and competitive runners, as well as recreational runners who want to improve their performance and stride efficiency.

The Green Silence is a unique running shoe, because it is a sustainable shoe. This Brooks running shoe is biodegradable, and is made out of mostly recycled consumer products. This shoe is perfect for the environmentally conscious runner who still wants to perform and run competitively. The goal of this shoe is to reduce the athlete’s carbon footprint. If you are concerned about the environment then look into purchasing this Brooks running shoe.

The second new running shoe released by Brooks is the world famous T6 Racer. The T6 Racer is Brooks best-selling racing shoe. This Brooks shoe is used by elite runners who are sponsored by Brooks. Brian Sell, an elite US marathon runner sponsored by Brooks, wore the T6 Racer in the last Olympics.

Brian Sell’s performance in the Olympics caused the T6 Racer to become one of the best-selling running shoes on the market. Brian Sell inspired a nation with his performance at the Olympics and launched the T6 Racer and Brooks into the spotlight.

The Green Silence and the T6 Racer are just two of the shoes Brooks offers though. Other Brooks running shoes include the Ghost, the Defyance 3, and the Dyad 6. These three training shoes provide lots of support and cushioning with very little motion control. The low amount of motion control actually promotes the a more natural stride while you run. These Brooks running shoes will cut down on injuries because they will allow the athlete to have a more natural stride while encouraging the stride to be loose, quick and powerful.

Brooks running shoes are becoming extremely popular among recreational as well as elite marathon runners. Brooks offers running shoes for any type of athlete and foot size. To view the entire Brooks running shoe catalog, please visit their website. Visiting Brooks running shoe website will also inform you of the various deals and discounts they offer throughout the year.

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