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Closeout Golf Shoes - Looking For Bargains On Closeout Golf Shoes?

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For the avid golfer, having the right footwear can mean the difference between a good round, and one that is just so-so. Since the feet provide the base for the perfect swing, it makes sense to have the proper traction so as to keep the correct rhythm and tempo. However, as the price of this game continues to escalate, more duffers are looking to save money any place they can. This has helped to create a whole new sub niche in this industry – closeout golf shoes. Now there is no reason to pay full price for a comfortable pair of that favorite brand.

The term “closeout golf shoes” immediately gives the connotation of a cheap item that was probably rejected at the factory, or manufactured very cheaply. This is far from the case however, as many of these items are first quality, in the box types of merchandise. The reasons can vary, but the discount is still the same. Players of all ages can find bargains on this equipment, but it is more likely for adult hackers to get a bargain, simply because their feet have stopped growing. Thus a pair can be bought right now and put in storage for later use.

Many bargains abound on the Internet, with some websites specifically set up for golf spikes. Occasionally a major manufacturer will also run a “special” on items they no longer manufacturer, but this often pales in comparison to those sites that make a regular business from closeouts on golf shoes. This is because they buy in volume from many of the name brand suppliers. It is important to keep in mind that these are quality shoes, but may contain a slight blemish of two. But saving up to 75% in some cases can be a powerful incentive to purchase a “defective” item or two.

Often the best bargains can be found on footwear at the end of the season. This is similar to so many other industries in the same predicament. Since golf is essentially a seasonal sport, manufacturers, golf suppliers, and pro shops are trying to move merchandise out for next year instead of having to inventory and store it themselves. Customers who are patient can typically pick up a bargain on closeout golf shoes at any of these places as well. It is just a matter of waiting for the right time for anyone in need of a new pair of spikes.

Sometimes there are sales that occur during the season, but those are few and far between. Closeout golf shoes are often obtained when a model is being discontinued due to slow sales. That doesn’t mean that these shoes aren’t of good quality just that projected sales figures didn’t meet the minimum goal set forth by the company. Any player, who has a favorite soft spike brand, should check to see what else is available in this particular line. Many times there are comparable shoes from the same manufacturer that are being phased out. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try them on for size.

The Internet is still one of the very best places to use for comparison shopping. Since sites exist specifically for closeout golf shoes, a variety of companies are listed, with information such as price, model, and year of manufacturer clearly evident. Major brands such as Nike, FootJoy, Adidas, GreenJoy, and Callaway are all available, and easy comparisons can be done from a single site. Of course further research should be done to see what the best deal is for a single pair. If nothing else, it can be used as a bargaining chip when going to a traditional golf shop.

Closeout golf shoes are categorized as discontinued, blems or out of season. This doesn’t affect their quality or comfort, but does bring about a reduced price. In many cases, the warranty from the manufacturer still applies, so the savings actually become a little bit sweeter. Buyers can find a variety of spikes at their local pro shop, major golf suppliers, and on the Internet. The only restriction is determining what brand to purchase. With the trend towards discounters for golf equipment, there are many options for players to find their favorite shoes.

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