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Breast Reduction Before After - Breast Reduction Before and After: What to Expect

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Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure that is used to reduce and improve the appearance of the breast. People choose to undergo a breast reduction for a variety of reasons, including discomfort or insecurity due to the size of the breasts, to correct a change in the breasts after pregnancy, or to make the breasts appear more appropriately proportioned to the body. Regardless of the reasoning behind the surgery, many patients are concerned about what to expect from a breast reduction, before and after the surgery.

When considering a breast reduction, it is first important to select a surgeon that you can trust. A great surgeon is one that makes his or her patients feel comfortable, is board certified, and has adequate experience performing breast reduction. Before and after pictures are another great way to determine whether a specific surgeon has a history of successful surgeries.

Before selecting a surgeon, ask to see a variety of their breast reduction before and after pictures to get a good idea of the results that you can expect from the surgery. While the results depicted in these pictures will not be identical to the results that you can expect to see, they will give you a good idea of the surgeon’s overall work. Breast reduction before and after pictures will also give patients a better idea of what size they want their breasts to be after the surgery. Therefore when choosing a plastic surgeon to perform a breast reduction, before and after pictures are a very important factor that can greatly affect a patient’s choice.

After selecting a surgeon, it is important to fully prepare oneself to undergo the breast reduction surgery. This means that patients should be sure that their expectations are realistic, be aware of possible complications, and give themselves ample time to recover. Before a breast reduction surgery, patients should be checked to be sure that they are in good enough health to receive the surgery. Breast reduction surgery patients are also urged to quit smoking, as this may increase the risk of complications.

Patients considering breast reduction surgery need to be completely aware of the risks associated with the surgery. These risks include scarring, bleeding, swelling, pain, bruising, blood clots, infection, irregularities in the shape of the breasts, difference in the size of the breasts, and unnatural firmness, as well as nerve, lung, muscle, and blood vessel damage. Also, patients that receive breast reduction surgery may find that they are unable to breast feed after the surgery. These risks can be mild to severe and need to be carefully considered when deciding whether a breast reduction would be beneficial.

Before deciding to undergo breast reduction surgery, it is also important to understand that patients are generally put under general anesthesia, or put to sleep, throughout the surgery. This can pose a variety of risks, including death in severe cases. Therefore, patients that have previously suffered from complications due to anesthesia should carefully discuss their options of anesthesia with their surgeon.

After a breast reduction surgery, patients should expect to spend a few days, to a few weeks, recovering. After waking up from the surgery, patients can expect their wounds to be dressed and their breasts to be bandaged. These bandages will be fairly constricting and may be combined with a surgical bra for the first few days after the surgery. While this will restrict a patient from examining the results, this bandages will allow for proper healing and are of the utmost importance.

Directly following the surgery, patients may also notice a thin tube that has been inserted under the skin of the surgery site. This tube will help fluids drain so that they are not trapped under the skin and will be removed in a few days after the surgery. While this tube may cause some irritation, patients should avoid unnecessary contact with the area.

For the first couple of weeks after a breast reduction surgery, patients will experience swelling and bruising, as well as some bleeding. During this time, patients are urged to rest, avoid strenuous activity, refrain from lifting heavy objects, and not have sex, as these activities may slow the healing process or damage the stitches. These side effects should subside within approximately two weeks and allow for the patient to view the results of their surgery. While this process may require strength and patience, understanding what to expect of a breast reduction, before and after the surgery, will greatly help to simplify the surgery and the healing process.

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