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Air Conditioner Cost - Things to consider regarding your air conditioner cost

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Heating and cooling bills these days are more expensive than ever before in the United States, which gives many people pause when considering how to effectively heat and cool their homes in the warmer and colder months of the year. The air conditioner typically is one of the biggest contributors to the electric bill of a home or an apartment during the summer, and there are a number of different factors that can significantly affect your air conditioner cost.

One of the most significant factors that can affect your air conditioner cost as well as the cost of maintaining your air conditioner is the size of the air conditioner itself. While the specifics of energy consumption will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model, as a general rule it is fair to expect that the larger the air conditioner, the higher you can expect the initial cost to be as well as the cost of maintaining the conditioner. Larger air conditioners cost more because they are designed to move more air and cool a room of a given size in less time; you pay a premium for faster cooling capabilities. However, a larger air conditioner will also have a larger operating cost because it will contain a larger electric motor inside, which will require more electricity to function at peak power. As a result, the air conditioner will consume more energy, contributing to a higher electric bill.

A good way to potentially reduce your air conditioner cost is to look into electric fans. If you already have an electric fan installed in your home or apartment, you are ahead of the game, as you will not need to buy nearly as many fans. An electric fan does not actually cool the air around it, but it does move the air in a room or in a house, and moving air cools a room more than still air will. Electric fans are one of the best ways to supplement an air conditioner and reduce the cost of an air conditioner because they require far less energy to operate than an air conditioner, since the only operational part of the fan is the fan motor. You can greatly increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by making sure you run an electric fan in the same room as your air conditioner.

Another efficient way to reduce the cost of your air conditioner is to purchase a modern air conditioner that meets the latest energy efficiency standards outlined by the United States Department of Energy. Energy efficient air conditioners are designed to use significantly less energy than traditional air conditioners, which means they can offer the same ability to cool your room, house, or apartment, yet use less energy in the process. Less energy use means your air conditioner uses less electricity, which results in a lower electric bill. If you have an air conditioner already installed in your room or house, you can check to see if it is an updated air conditioner that meets modern energy efficiency standards or if it is an outdated air conditioner that is not compliant with modern standards. Typically, information about the energy consumption and efficiency ratings of an air conditioner will be located in the equipment manual of the air conditioner, but if you do not have such a manual available, and you probably will not if the air conditioner is not brand new, then you can usually find the information by reading any labels attached to the back of the air conditioner itself. If you cannot find energy rating information on the back of the air conditioner, you can usually find it on the internet if you can obtain the specific brand and model of the air conditioner; this information will almost always be located somewhere on the air conditioner itself.

Finally, remember that no matter how energy efficient your air conditioner is, you will have some sort of air conditioner cost simply as a result of operating the air conditioner itself. Perhaps the simplest way to reduce the cost of an air conditioner you already have without buying any new, expensive equipment will be to use your air conditioner less.

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