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Corded Phone Headset - The Advantages of a Corded Phone Headset

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These days, wireless headsets are everywhere. Headsets offer a huge advantage over traditional phones, as they enable you to use your hands while talking on the phone. However wireless headsets are not necessarily better than corded phone headsets. Let’s explore some of the reasons that you may wish to stay with a more traditional corded phone headset.

First of all, let’s examine some of the advantages of headsets over a traditional phone. Being able to use your hands during a call is a really useful feature and has many applications. For a person who works phone lines professionally, like a telemarketer, customer service agent, or receptionist, this means that they can take notes, look up information and do other miscellaneous tasks that are often necessary to perform while talking to a customer. On the consumer side, this can mean safer driving as a person can use a headset to talk while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. It can also just mean that you can do something during a phone call, like getting some laundry folded or do random household chores while chatting with a friend. Whatever the reason or use case, headsets are incredibly useful and offer many benefits.

Originally, all headsets were corded. However, recent technology (specifically Bluetooth) has made it possible to make wireless headsets, and these have become very cheap and affordable. Many consumers own wireless headsets for their cell phones so that they don’t even have to pull out their phone to make a call. As cool as these wireless devices sound, they have some disadvantages. Keeping the battery charged or constantly replacing disposable batteries can be annoying and / or expensive. Because the headsets are so small, they are easy to lose. Lastly, many modern headsets simply clip to one ear, which can be a little uncomfortable after a long period of extended use.

Corded phone headsets offer a solution to those problems. As in general with technology, the older generation of technology is much more reliable and proven to work well. Cordless phone headsets don’t need batteries, because they can run power through their cords, and many of them don’t even need power – they use passive systems. Corded headsets can be found in much larger sizes that fit comfortably on the head of people who have to wear them for long periods of time. Despite generally being larger, corded headsets are easier to use because of their simple user interface. Corded headsets are not subject to wireless interference, and can also be considered to be more secure for that reason. Of course most people aren’t too worried about phone security an in general don’t need to be, however a wire is a lot harder to tap into than a wireless broadcast.

Corded phone headsets are good, reliable devices which are great choices for people who don’t want the hassle of the latest technology, or people who have to deal with phones constantly and want a friendlier, easier device to deal with than a wireless headset.

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