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50 In Plasma Tv - Check Out The Top 3 Manufacturers For 50 in Plasma tv Sets

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Multi-media has become a large part of the American culture. As technology continues to make great strides in the area of entertainment, television sets have grown increasingly bigger, with the 50 inch plasma television being the standard of excellence at this time. Although there are diagonal screen measurements greater than 50, plasma televisions of this size sets the line of demarcation between a very good and great unit. As more manufacturers are producing this device, the competition has been good for consumers, who are now enjoying a lower price, along with many more features that are now built in as manufacturers scramble to compete for customers.

Even major retailers are now getting into the act, with such firms as Kmart corporation, JC Penney, and Sears all cutting their prices in order to get patrons into the store. Even if they don’t purchase a TV at this time, there are various goods that may tempt them at some other point in time. The big push now is for plasma units that can be hung on the wall, or set upright in a swivel stand. There is no bulky picture tube that sticks out the back, so less room is needed. This frees up more space for other components; such as a high definition DVD or Blue Ray player along with a Dolby Stereo receiver unit. All of these can be combined for an interactive viewing experience.

Although there are many models in this range of 50, plasma televisions manufactured by Samsung, LG and Panasonic are the most popular. Each of these brands offers the best in picture quality, features, and value for the price when compared to similar products from competing manufacturers. While none of these units was at the top of the line for all aspects, they were selected mainly on cost effectiveness. They all have a number of items that consumers were searching for in a set of this size. The top 3 manufacturers and a specific model in this category are listed below.

The Panasonic TC-P50S2 contains a 1080p (1080 pixels) panel that uses the company’s proprietary 600Hz Sub-Field Drive along with a filter to reduce glare and reflection in those rooms with an inordinate amount of ambient light. It helps viewers better see the program they are watching without the need to constantly adjust the overhead illumination or draw the shades. Their Viera link technology allows users to control all of the functions for any connected Viera Link products contained in the room.

From Samsung comes the PN50C6500 model, which contains many of the features found in higher priced units. Although is does not have 3-D capability, there is still the clarity of the 1080p clear image panel. In addition, there are 4 HDMI inputs, an Ethernet port (for Samsung’s [email protected] service), 2 USB ports, and wireless DLNA capability. These make attachment of peripheral devices easier than ever before, while upgrading to new components is relatively simple as well.

The LG 50PK550 is another great 50 in. plasma tv that offers plenty of value for the money. It is only an astonishing 2 inches in depth, with a built-in Intelligent Sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness to match the room. A darker room will cause the picture to decrease in brightness, while the opposite will happen in a lighter area. This will help protect users from unwanted glare from a set that can’t adjust to changing conditions. The custom “Skin Glass” system was designed by LG to protect the panel and reduce the amount of internal reflection. It was accomplished by decreasing the amount of space between the outer glass and filter by 70%. Advances such as this are reasons why manufacturers remain as leaders in this industry.

There are other models offered by these companies, but all of them contain similar features and technology. A user interested in a 50 in. plasma tv should check into these manufacturers first, and then compare the picture quality and available features in this price range. Based strictly upon value for the money, a buyer can’t really go wrong when selecting from any of the models from these TV producers. With media evolving every day, it makes sense to go with one of the industry leaders.

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