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Canon photo copiers have been advancing businesses for over ten years. Each year, new and better photo copiers come out that can do more things to help a business run. Businesses have higher productivity when they use advanced photo copiers that can copy large numbers of data in seconds, instead of minutes. The most important aspects that a business looks for in an advanced photo copier are the page printing capabilities, color device, functionality, faxing capabilities, and printing quality. Most work that is outputted must look pristine and professional. If the pages have black smudges on them caused by a faulty roller, the business could be looked upon unfavorably. This is why many businesses do not mind spending more money for a higher quality copier and printer that will put out higher quality work. With the Canon photo copiers, they have advanced multifunctional devices that allow businesses to capture, manage, and distribute quality work at efficient speeds. Some advanced features are being able to scan documents, and send them in an instant to network folders and email.

There are Image Runner Advance models that can create more pages with each advanced model. The Image Runner Advance series has model numbers that go from 5030, all the way up to 9075, with each model able to print out more and more copies. The 5030 is able to print out thirty pages per minute, and the most advanced 9075 can print out seventy-five pages per minute. Each advanced model has more powerful performance, and up-to-date controls that allow easy handling. The Canon Image Runner models also come with both black and white, and color copies. The Canon Color Image Class models have great flexibility and are easy to work with. The color laser printer is a multifunctional printer that can print out much better quality photo images than many other color copiers.

The copier also has a user friendly menu that allows easy access to each function through an easy scroll wheel that effortlessly controls each project. There are less worries with having paper becoming jammed in the rollers due to the easy removable parts. Projects can also be copied to a memory card. The advanced copier can print out twenty-two pages within thirteen seconds. These types of advanced color image copiers cost $1,500. There are less expensive Canon copiers for businesses who are on a budget, where they can receive the same type of performance as the higher priced copiers. The Canon Pixma Color Inkjet printer and copiers are all in one wireless photo printer with Wi Fi capability. This type of copier can print copies out on both sides of the paper, which will save a lotof time, money, and is better on the environment. This type of copier is only $140.

The Canon Image Monochrome Laser copier and printer can be used for a home, or a small business. It has duplex output capabilities for printing, copying, and sending faxes. This advanced copier can copy single sided pages and output them on to both sides of a page. The duplex abilities reduce the need for a lot of paper during printing projects. It can copy twenty pages per minute, and only costs $130. The Canon PC 170 is a black and white printer and copier is small enough to fit on a desk top, and it can be easily carried with a built-in pop up handle. It can generate copies at nine copies per minute, and can be used for home, or a small office. It is a single cartridge system that provides enhanced performance for only $97.

People who work from home and utilize a printer and copier for business purposes will find many great deals for Canon Photo Copiers that can perform just as well as the more advanced models.

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